In response to: “Health unit bureaucracy” Letter to the editor in the January 6 edition of the Fort Frances Times. Dear editor, It is imperative that COVID-19 case numbers consider the balance between respecting privacy and ensuring that the public is informed in order to protect themselves. Unfortunately the recent […]

Dear editor, I am one of the White Seniors who live on Colonization Road West. I have lived on this road for almost 70 years. I never knew what colonization meant, so I looked it up in the Webster’s dictionary. It states it’s a colony of people. All these years […]

Dear editor, Recently, Dr Johnstone, long time physician in Fort Frances, passed away and unfortunately we, as a community were unable to mourn his passing. However, his spirit lives on and as a colleague for 38 years, and a friend for an additional 14 years I feel that I can […]

Dear editor,   We wish to thank Mark Gerber for his ‘change of heart’ letter last week. More often than not, we achieve more by ‘being the light’ than ‘promoting a fight’…….it leaves room open for further dialogue and discussion. Thanks, Mark. Sincerely,Gerry & Jackie Guimond( Participants in Right Relations […]

Dear editor, As a small business we’ve been providing lawn care & snow clearing services for the sister Kennedy centre since 2003. This past spring – during the pandemic lockdown- we were informed that the Town of Fort Frances had decided our lawn care services were no longer required (we […]

Dear editor, I can’t believe how irresponsible the NWHU is regarding the reluctance to let communities know where Covid is showing up. I have written letters previously to the editor of both the Chronicle Journal and the Fort Frances Times to no avail regarding this. The NWHU medical director, in […]

Dear editor, If there ever was a time in this world when we needed something to cling to, it is now. With the corona pandemic raging around this world, we need a firm strong anchor to hold us steady. Society over the last several decades has deconstructed many beliefs we […]

Dear editor, I noticed in your recent Times that Brad Hogan was retiring after serving our Fort Frances community for many years. Very quietly Brad has done some special things for folks, without anyone knowing about it. For many years he has been making either a corsage or a boutonniere […]

Dear editor, No paper this last week, as far as I know – at least none arrived in our Rural Route Mailbox this Christmas week. I have always appreciated the Christmas story printed on the Editorial page from the Gospel of Luke. Some other things that “sort of bothered” me […]

Dear residents of our health region, This year has been challenging because of COVID-19 – for parents, for small business owners, for essential workers, for everyone. We’ve dealt with a lot, but we have also shown how adaptable, resilient, and effective we can be when we work together for the […]

Dear editor, The Right Relations Circle of the Rainy River District would like to weigh in on the “Colonization Road” discussion. Although our group believes that the issue has raised some questions, we have also learned much that is important to the final decision. As to the process of changing […]

Dear editor, I would like to thank the person who found my wallet in the Canadian Tire parking lot on December 10, 2020 and turned it in to customer service with all contents intact. I sincerely appreciate your act of kindness and honesty. You have saved me so much grief, […]