Corn season is just starting to ramp up where I live in the Fraser Valley (of British Columbia, Canada), and so I wanted to share one of my favourite corn recipes with you: South-Western Corn Fritters. These are more of a southern type dish, but 100% delicious and the permit […]

What is hairy, unattractive, and available in almost every major grocery store’s produce section? No, it’s not an unshaven Produce Manager with bedhead. They are coconuts and more consumers tend to buy it dried or canned instead of fresh. Who wouldn’t be somewhat afraid of this intimidating, seemingly indestructible produce […]

CHEF DEZ ON COOKING Check your pantry right now. I can almost guarantee that you have store-bought taco seasoning and seasoning salt in there. Why not make them yourself instead? With these two recipes (also found in my latest cookbook Cooking Around the World with Chef Dez), you can. These […]

Most of us all lead very busy lives, or at least we claim to. We also freeze meat for future dinners because we either bought too much, it was on sale and so we stocked up, or we just plainly don’t want to grocery shop any more often than we […]

Thanks to “protein” and “low carb” diets, the awareness of carbohydrate levels is very prevalent in our society. However, starches are making their way back to our dinner tables. Besides pasta and potatoes, rice is always a favorite accompaniment on our plates, and there are many varieties available to us. […]

There are a number of novelty consumables that consistently reappear in the market- place during the days leading up to March 17th. These will most undoubtedly include items such as green tinted food and beverages. Although this may be an amusing way to recognize St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of […]

Tuesday March 1st this year is the Fat Tuesday celebration of Mardi Gras. It is the last day of the carnival season in New Orleans and always falls on the day before Ash Wednesday every year. The term Fat Tuesday represents the last day of eating richer fattier foods before […]

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner, and although I am not a big sports fan, one cannot help but being inundated by the media that this annual game day is fast approaching. Almost everyone loves dip with snacking chips, so I am giving you a couple of our […]

Ah, the start of a fresh year. What better time is there to make a pact with oneself to start anew? In the position of a culinary instructor, I encounter many situations with people wanting to improve areas of the culinary arts within their home kitchens and lifestyles. If you […]

The holiday season is a very special time of the year that is celebrated with favourite food and drinks alike. Family and friends come together to eat, drink, and commemorate the precious relationships that they hold with each other. Throughout the years there have been many beverages and appetizers made […]