Dear editor, When I started an online petition a few years ago to rename Colonization Rd., I never thought I would see racism rear its ugly head in Fort Frances as much as it has these past few months. The extreme anger, indifference, and lack of empathy and understanding in […]

Dear editor, I recently read several of the many letters in your paper addressing the proposed renaming of Colonization Road. The underlying premise appears to assume a racial prejudice of the term. While I am writing to defend the name, in no way do I defend historical mistreatment of our […]

Dear editor, Thanks to Covid, the atrocious neglect in some nursing homes was exposed. Was that not obvious prior to 2020? Did we not see it, or were we “not there” to see it? For family and friends who diligently visited loved ones in care and now are restricted, we […]

An open letter to the government of Ontario, Ontario’s business community is frustrated seeing our Southern neighbours being inoculated while we wait. The lack of vaccine supply means fewer vaccines in arms. Delays in distribution are heavy blows to businesses going through further restrictions and lockdowns. The lack of clarity, […]

Dear editor, For more than 70 years, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) has celebrated the Daffodil Campaign in April. The daffodil is resilient, it is the first flower to bloom in the spring and for those living with cancer, it is a symbol of strength, courage and hope. As we […]

Dear editor, Minister of Indigenous Affairs, Greg Rickford, supports the closing of youth detention beds in the north as a money-saver which recognizes the reality that the number of young people in custody has declined since the inception of the Youth Criminal Justice Act in 2003. However, the truth is […]

Dear editor, By writing this letter, I am sure to offend some Christians who feel masks hinder their rights to worship, but the same is a real asset when a paycheque is involved, whether in the making or the spending. Instead of spending “hours” online, searching for the ineffectiveness of […]

Dear editor: In the June 19, 2020 edition of the Thunder Bay Chronicle an unnamed MNRF spokesman stated that the Ministry would continue to work with and support the Town of Fort Frances and surrounding communities. Really? Let’s review the actions of the MNRF from May 2014, when Resolute announced […]

Dear editor, I know the councillors have decided to change the names of the streets, which I have no problem with. It’s a good thing. I do have a problem with a couple names that were in the newspaper. Pride Road. And I don’t think it has to be named […]

Dear editor, This is my third letter about the change of Colonization Road. I guess I am one of the six who did not want it changed. But if it has to be changed, then why not honour our Veterans. “Veteran Drive.” This is a list of the Veterans who […]

Dear editor, I have a letter for the community from the Loaves and Fishes soup kitchen at New Beginnings Fellowship. The kitchen is changing the focus of our meals from serving the meals at the church to delivering them directly to the Family Centre at the Volunteer Bureau at the […]

Dear editor, The following is an open letter to Premier Doug Ford and Minister Todd Smith. We agree with Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh and Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler that the closure of 26 youth detention centres across the province, which has resulted in the relocation of approximately 10 young people in […]