Fort Frances Times & Daily Bulletin

The Fort Frances Times online edition has stories, articles and obituaries going back over 20 years, available to digital subscribers. PDF archives for both the Fort Frances Times and The Daily Bulletin since October 6, 2020 can be viewed on our website with any digital subscription. 

Obituaries as well as some articles dating back to 1997 are available using the search function on our website. 

Papers fewer than six months old can be purchased at regular price from our office.

Copies of the Fort Frances Times and The Daily Bulletin going back five years are available for purchase if you know the exact dates you’re looking for.  These older copies of the Fort Frances Times are $3.00, and The Daily Bulletin copies are $1.50.

The Fort Frances Times does not provide historical search services. However, the Fort Frances Museum has access to all of our archives and can be reached by phone (807)274-7891 or email at

Rainy River Record

Archives for the Rainy River Record going back to 2001 can be found at For older editions the Rainy River Library has microfiche catalogues. The Rainy River Library can be reached by phone (807)852-3375 or by email