Our Story


The Fort Frances Times has captured the stories and the history of the town of Fort Frances and the Rainy River District for over 127 years, one of the longest-running businesses in the region. With many hundreds of employees, tens of thousands of papers, and millions of inches of award-winning writing, the Fort Frances Times has been an integral part of the community in many, many ways, and has evolved over the years to offer a wide gamut of print services and products, and later, ground breaking, industry-leading web development design and hosting. Locally owned for almost its entire existence, the Times was purchased from the Cumming family in 2019 by London Publishing, but continues to be a truly community-based newspaper and publishing company.


As the leading source of up-to-date information on the events and stories of our region, the Fort Frances Times mirrors and accurately records the activities of the Rainy River District and provides an objective and honest voice for the people, organizations, leaders and businesses of both the Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in the Rainy River District.


The Fort Frances Times is committed to be the leader in delivering news and both printed and digital products to the Rainy River District. As a leader, we have a responsibility to act as a catalyst for change in our District, and to be embedded in the community through our storytelling, our support for local businesses and initiatives, and our commitment to doing what is right. In order to be a leader, the newspaper and its staff are committed to delivering the finest stories, products and services to our readers, our advertisers, and our communities.

As a leader, the Times and its staff will help promote people, their jobs, and the opportunities that can be created in the Rainy River District. We commit to support groups and organizations that work to create employment, diversify the economy, provide new educational opportunities and create a culture of ethical, sustainable growth in the district.

As a leader, the Times and its staff will continue growing our capacity to provide innovative print and electronic products to meet the changing needs of our customers. We strive to encourage new ideas, and we believe in the human potential of our team working together, in a safe and healthy work environment.

The Fort Frances Times is grateful to be a recipient of funding to support a Local Journalism Initiative reporter.