This holiday season brings with it mixed and complicated emotions. It has been a year of challenges for all Ontarians. My thoughts turn to those who have lost loved ones, those who will be disappointed because they cannot celebrate with extended family members in person, those who will miss out […]

Dear editor, As I sit looking at the newspapers from the past few weeks it is apparent to me that a lot of learning is needed. Please be patient with me as I explain and share some of my own knowledge and opinions. First, let’s talk about racism. (I expect […]

Dear editor, I have been reading the discussion around colonization road with considerable interest. It makes me proud to be part of this community. It is clear that much thought has gone into so many of the letters published in the media. There is a lot of empathy for those […]

To gauge the reaction of the First Nations community regarding the Colonization Road name change debate, we hand delivered 200 flyers on Couchiching FN, and e-mailed copies to community leadership. We asked what the word colonization meant to them, whether the change would be meaningful, and asked for suggestions on […]

​Dear editor, I write today to the council and citizens of Fort Frances about why it is crucial and necessary to change the name of Colonization Road. I write from my personal capacity, but from the lens of the work, I am doing as Chair of the City of Thunder […]

Dear Editor, I am responding to the letters in last Wednesday’s paper written by Mr. Stewart and responded to by Mr. Judson. For clarity, I am not on Twitter. I must say, I was impressed with the letter by Mr. Stewart, calling out Mr. Judson regarding his Twitter feed comments […]

Dear editor, We are responding to your letter about the proposed name change for Colonization Road. We have lived at our current address for close to 22 years. We are in full support of this change…it is long overdue! We think the new name should be in consultation with the […]

Dear editor, In reference to a proposed name change of Colonization Rd, I will start off by saying, “I don’t Care. There are many more pressing things to care about.” I have questions and comments that I am quite sure others have thought of also. Has the Town of Fort […]

Dear editor, On Wednesday, November 25th, the Times published responses to an opinion survey with regard to Councillor Judson’s motion to rename Colonization Road. Those surveyed were residents living on Colonization Road. Councillor Judson was evidently displeased with this display of public opinion, based on public statements made on social […]

Dear editor, What is really very important? As a Canadian citizen, I get angry and frustrated when I see the dialogue and effort being made to change names and deface and remove statues, when there are so many urgent and important issues to deal with. That about those dear Indigenous […]

Dear editor, I want to take some time to shed some light on a major issue in Fort Frances regarding Colonization road. It’s the fact people do not know why it should be changed. See, I grew up in systemic racism here in Fort Frances. Without realizing it, I was […]

Dear editor, When talking about immigration, the most frequent thing I hear is that people are largely okay with the idea, so long as immigrants are willing to adhere to our society’s values and laws. Some are fearful that immigrants are coming to Canada solely to impose their culture over […]