I’ve said it before, more than once, I confess. But I feel compelled to say it again, so that I might feel part of the conversation/action that is called change. We are always changing and evolving and sometimes the change is so small that it can go undetected, and a […]

It may be Spring on the calendar and I can confirm the by-product of the blizzard of last week in my neighbourhood has all but vanished. I know winter is lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce if I am complacent, but today, this very day, while it is +18 […]

I realized the other day that hope seemed in short supply in my cupboard of reserves. I was checking my inventory and recording the levels of patience, tolerance, kindness, empathy, and I noticed that hope was all but depleted. That’s never a good thing, but … it got me thinking. […]

I’ve been digging through my boxes of memories these past few weeks, of things I saved that at one time seemed incredibly important and valuable to me. I have an autograph book that friends wrote in at the end of each school year. I have track and field ribbons from […]

I had visions, when I was eight years old, of becoming a super-hero, once I had conquered the ability to tell time. First things first. It is essential that superheroes be able to tell time. I struggled with time telling, I confess. My mother was disappointed, but she shouldn’t have […]

We all have days when we feel our contribution to the world, to the greater good, has little or no value. Self-doubt moves in and gives us a serious internal beating. These types of days may fall with greater frequency during these strange uncertain times we find ourselves in, when […]

My youngest daughter made a request of me several years ago, to write down for her the wisdom I have acquired from all these many years of being alive, with even more under my belt now. She gives me too much credit. For a moment or two or three, I […]

I love my bed. Not the specific bed that I currently occupy at night now, but “my” bed, in general terms. It is my safe place, my place of comfort, my place of big ideas and small wishes, my place of remembering. I tuck myself into my bed when I […]

I recently read a list of accomplishments that a graduate of the University of Guelph provided to his fellow alumni in a response to an upcoming 50th reunion. I only got to the second or third bullet point before I abandoned the list and quit reading. I wasn’t sure which […]

I overheard a piece of a conversation the other day with one person asking another for their favourite food or favourite movie, I can’t remember which. I wasn’t really listening, but the word favourite caught my attention and it got me thinking. Many conversation starters when getting to know someone […]

I suffer from the affliction of chronic earliness. As afflictions go, I suppose it isn’t worthy of stewing about, as compared to the insatiable need to rob banks or chew my fingernails, afflictions of that nature. I never arrive late, and I wrestle with anxiety if being late appears as […]

I walked Gracie for her final before-bed loop the other night, bundled up as if I was on a trek to the Arctic Circle. Bright flashlight in hand, I stepped outside and started off down my road, Gracie bounding ahead of me. It was a cold night, for sure, but […]