By Ken Kellar
Staff writer

Don’t get a puppy. Those in the know will tell you they are highly overrated. It’s me. I am in the know. Don’t get a puppy. You’ll bring home what looks like a tiny bundle of adorable fluff before discovering that, in reality, you’ve brought home a tiny bundle of […]

By Megan Walchuk

I never met Chauncey Grover. But I feel like I knew him. His story is like too many others I know. Chauncey’s was one of the first stories I covered when I started working at the Times. It was January 2020, just after a significant blizzard. Volunteers were combing the […]

By Daniel Adam
Staff Writer

Every second Thursday is payday at the Fort Frances Times. But for those who help deliver papers, it’s more than just payday. It’s freezie day! I know that may not sound quite as appealing as we go into fall, but in summer, you work up a sweat, and freezies are […]

By Daniel Adam
Genuine certified student

Parents watch the calendar, counting the days. Kids enjoy the summer, praying that time stops. Like it or not, the back-to-school season is soon — if not already — upon us. As I ponder my own return for a final year of post-secondary education, I’m struck with a realization. For […]