It has been three weeks since the discovery of 215 children, buried on the grounds of a former residential school. The revelation has shaken the entire country on a deeply emotional level, and the pain felt in Indigenous communities unimaginable. The profound tragedy has jolted Canada out of its complacency […]

Fort Frances taxpayers are grumbling over the recently announced two per cent tax increase, and for good reason. Despite council’s proclamation that largely just homeowners will be impacted, and that the increase is modest, it’s a blow to every resident. Renters pay taxes – increased costs to landlords are passed […]

The biggest issue we face right now as a country is the question of when we will be able to get our COVID-19 vaccinations. The virus has hurt many people in our community, and yet many of us are frustrated as we do not know when we will be able to […]

An Urgent Letter to the Government of Canada We have a very serious situation in this country. Google and Facebook, two of the richest companies in history, control the onramp to the internet highway in Canada. They decide what we as a sovereign nation see and don’t see in the […]

That whirring sound you’ve been hearing lately is the frenzied spinning of two of the richest and most powerful corporations in human history. After two decades of relentless predatory practices by Google and Facebook, democratic, market-based countries around the world are taking steps to restrain their monopolistic behaviours. And the […]

Many of us have been spending the past week chuckling over Bernie mitten memes. It depicts Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in a chair at the inauguration ceremony, with windblown hair, blue mask and some toasty looking, up-cycled, eco-friendly sweater mittens. The image has been photoshopped just about everywhere – the […]

Another year is drawing to a close, but as COVID cases surge locally, and a community mourns the first life lost to COVID in our region, this New Year’s doesn’t feel like the fresh start many were holding out for. There are glimmers of hope: Canada has two approved vaccines. […]

A community newspaper serves many functions – a cheerleader, a watchdog, a documentarian, just to list a few. One of its most important roles is community forum. It’s a place we can share ideas, and begin conversations. That’s what we were hoping to accomplish with our Colonization Road coverage in […]

  Former Fort Frances Times editor Rich Glennie has been diagnosed with COVID-19. He’s written about the experience from his home, southwest of Minneapolis, and has given the Times permission to share it with our readers. To all you COVID-19 deniers who refuse to acknowledge there is a pandemic swirling […]

The season of giving is upon us, and the spirit of generosity is more important than ever. COVID has caused job loss and hardship to many in our community, and charities and other organizations have worked hard to create a variety of opportunities to give back this holiday season. The […]

EditorMegan Walchuk With Remembrance Day here, we often think of what we owe our veterans. Generations before us fought and died to give us a free and peaceful society, with democratic elections and the freedom to disagree.They paid the ultimate price for our freedom. But they didn’t pay the full […]

Megan Walchuk Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. Because sometimes, they grow into something bigger than we could have imagined. This Sunday morning, a small group of volunteers gathered well before dawn, to begin a 35 km walk from Manitou Rapids to Fort Frances. The suffering caused by both […]