Dear editor, When we think of the God in heaven, we sometimes imagine Him as an all powerful, benevolent, all loving being who forgives any and all sin automatically. 1 John 1:8-10 reads “if we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. […]

Dear editor, Not all travellers realize it is mandatory to fill out the ArriveCAN app before returning to the Canadian side of the border. I did not have my receipt ready for customs on the ArriveCAN app. Border officers state that this is a wide spread problem – but what […]

Dear editor, A very dear friend of mine was driven to emergency by her son, because of major breathing difficulties. In his rush, he forgot to lock his truck door. While in emerg, someone stole this sweet old lady’s purse and iPad. All her credit cards were stolen. The police […]

Dear editor, January 29 2019, Gowling delivered a 12 page draft opinion to a working group formed to look into the wood rights allocated under SFL No. 542245 (Crossroute SFL). Gowling advised that they had found reference to a 2017 Crossroute IFA being completed on the MNRF website, however they […]

Dear editor, The following is an open letter to Mayor Caul and council: Good Afternoon Mayor Caul and Mr. Anwar CAO, I have attached hereto the first page of Councillor Judson’s November 8 2021, Memorandum to Mayor and Council. Please note the last paragraph and three bullet points of part […]

Dear editor, I was disappointed to hear that the custom of crowning a Citizen of the Year would not be realized in 2021, because there were no submissions from the local citizenry. After some consideration, it became apparent that this year was no different than any other in terms of […]

Dear editor, I would like to address the content of the letter ”Going After Bullies” which appeared in last Wednesday’s Times.Without taking into account the intentions of any individual it can be easy to become offended. Especially if it involves reading someone else’s mail that was never intended for you. […]

Dear editor, The following is a letter sent to Mayor June Caul and Deputy Mayor Andrew Halikas ahead of the November 22 Town of Fort Frances Council meeting: Good Morning Mayor Caul and Deputy Mayor Hallikas, I have not received a formal response to my request for Council to seek […]

Dear editor, The following is a statement by MPP Gila Martow on the ongoing optometrist negotiations in Ontario: As a trained optometrist, sister of a practicing optometrist, wife of a practicing ophthalmologist, and niece of a retired optometry professor, I am in the uncomfortable position of also representing the residents […]

Dear editor, It is with great frustration I write this open letter to Marcus Powlowski and Greg Rickford who both have been involved in health care backgrounds and have intimate knowledge of our emergency long wait times and doctor shortage in our district. Previous letters via Constituency Office or email […]

Riverside Health Care is dedicated to providing quality care, meaning that we perpetually look to improve the patient experience in terms of enhancing service quality and reducing wait time delays. However, we recognize that for many patients the wait for treatment at any one of our Emergency Departments(ED) may create […]

Dear editor, Let’s take a minute to think of bullying. Imagine it’s Grade 6 and a group of boys are picking on you at recess. You didn’t do anything wrong, you’re just ‘different’. Imagine you tell this to your friend, they give you a hug, tell you it’s okay and […]