Dear Minister Powowski and Minister Rickford: The status of PhysicianRecruitment and Retention in the Rainy River District is in CRISIS. We do not use that term lightly. We have long prided ourselves on trying to make it work, but the current situation is not sustainable. Physicians are burnt out, resignation […]

Dear editor, I was told the other day, and I quote, “how brave you were to have the guts to write your letter to the editor.” My thoughts were, “How sad is that?” The person continued to tell me that I would probably be harassed by doing so. My response […]

Dear editor, I would like to address the unfortunate trend to criticize our mayor. Is this how we reward decades of service to our community? Too often do we casually dismiss our most seasoned volunteers because of their age. While I’m not disagreeing with the need to have younger councillors, […]

Dear editor: I was reading a CBC news article about a man from Guelph, Ontario, Mohsin Abbas, who immigrated to Canada in early 2000. Mr. Abbas said that “Canada ‘saved’ him, and he wanted to say ‘Thank you’. His story of coming to Canada as an asylum seeker is an […]

Dear Editor, I have submitted the following letter to Mayor and Council. This information is directly related to the demolition of mill. Mayor and Council, We know the Agenda package for the Special Meeting of Council on February 19, 2019 included a copy of SFL No. 542245 – the Crossroute […]

Dear editor, I am sick and tired of hearing Mayor and Council being continually harassed and berated on social media and one’s personal webpage, by one of their own members. Enough already! In my opinion, all issues can be brought forward, either in camera or in the public portion of […]

Dear Editor: Thank you for the opportunity to respond to Diane Maxey’s letter. Here are the facts: the Mayor broke the law by releasing privileged and confidential material to David Kircher. She then misled Council about it, twice, and even suggested (as reported in this newspaper) that someone else was […]

Dear Editor, Councillor Judson through Facebook posts and a November 8/21 Memo to Mayor and Council has provided the following information: Councillors McTaggart and Judson were select members of Council to join a working group formed early in their term to consider the wood rights/mill issues. he Town’s consultants and […]

The following is an open letter from the Ontario Nonprofit Network, to the government of Ontario Dear Premier Ford and Ministers, The global COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on our province, impacting the health and well being of Ontarians, the sustainability of our health care system, and the economy. […]

Dear editor, When we think of the God in heaven, we sometimes imagine Him as an all powerful, benevolent, all loving being who forgives any and all sin automatically. 1 John 1:8-10 reads “if we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. […]

Dear editor, Not all travellers realize it is mandatory to fill out the ArriveCAN app before returning to the Canadian side of the border. I did not have my receipt ready for customs on the ArriveCAN app. Border officers state that this is a wide spread problem – but what […]

Dear editor, A very dear friend of mine was driven to emergency by her son, because of major breathing difficulties. In his rush, he forgot to lock his truck door. While in emerg, someone stole this sweet old lady’s purse and iPad. All her credit cards were stolen. The police […]