Dear editor, You have invited me to respond to Kevin Stewart’s letter about Colonization Road. Last week your newspaper ran a page of largely anonymous commentary on a sensitive issue, contrary to your own policy on letters and widely-accepted journalistic practice. The decision to do this served no apparent truth-seeking […]

Boozhoo nindinawemaaganag. Zaagategaabo nindigoo. Wazhazhk nindoodem. Mitaanjigamiing nindoonji. A few days ago, as I read comments on Facebook about the possible name change of Colonization Road, I was utterly disgusted at the number of ignorant remarks. So, I decided to ask Siri what the definition of colonization was. Siri answered […]

Dear editor, I am writing in response to your article summarizing the opinions of the residents of Colonization Road with respect to a proposed change of street name. The results suggest that many residents that responded to the survey stand against the proposed change as evidenced by the mostly anonymous […]

Dear editor, Colonization Road will be renamed, now or in the future, because of the simple fact that it is offensive and hurtful. I don’t feel any other reason is required. However I would like to address some of the discouraging responses I have read, particularly with regards to Councillor […]

Dear editor, Last week I was both surprised and humbled to receive a special recognition for the 2020 Citizen of the Year Award. Thank you to the Mayor, Council, and my nominators for considering me. In this letter I would like to add some details about the organization I was […]

Dear editor, It behooves the guardians of public opinion such as Fort Frances Times to publish unsigned opinions of any issue without the signature of the writer. Doing otherwise reduces such opinions to useless drivel. Signed,Ted Brockie  

Sol MamakwaMPP for Kiiwetinoong Dear editor: I am writing today to urge the Town of Fort Frances to change the name of Colonization Road. The process of colonization devasted First Nations communities across the country. Through the colonial project, our land was taken from us, treaty promises were broken, and […]

Caitlin Hartlan Dear editor, When I moved to Fort Frances in 2018, I was shocked that the first signpost to greet me was inscribed with the words “Colonization Road”. Colonization is widely documented as a destructive force in the lives of Indigenous people across Canada, including those in the Rainy […]

Lisa Brockie Dear editor, I fully support Councillor Doug Judson’s resolution to rename Colonization Road E and W in Fort Frances. While colonization was once seen as a positive force by the white settlers who named the street, it was a violent and traumatic series of events for the Indigenous […]

David Whalen Dear editor, I heard that there are 60 workers from Quebec working at the mill. Are they quarantined for 14 days here and when they go home? I wouldn’t be concerned if it wasn’t for COVID-19. I’m sure there’s men in Ontario who could do the same job. […]

Alan Tibbetts Dear editor, When the Fort Frances mill was built, Hollands Street was erased from the map of Fort Frances. Hollands Street had been named for C.J. Hollands, who was a councillor of the former municipality of McIrvine, the first magistrate, the first Master of Granite Masonic Lodge, and […]

Jamie Nelson Dear editor, Re: “Judson restarts Colonization Road debate” I really don’t understand why this is up for discussion. What can the argument AGAINST the name change even be? What reasons could be good enough to leave it named as it is? The name of this road is offensive […]