Wow! We really can’t complain about our weather for our Easter Weekend. Other than the wind on Good Friday could translate to 40 days and 40 night of strong winds. That is what my grandma told me for years. It was warm enough for me to take off my long […]

Mother Nature gave us a reminder that it was still March! Though the snow didn’t last long, it did provide us with some moisture. We have certainly been receiving our fair share of wind, which certainly helps to dry things up. The barn yard is staying decent and you could […]

This weather reminds me more of April than March. It is certainly good weather for those who are just starting to get calves. The little drizzle that we received last night has softened things up, but it didn’t leave a bunch of puddles. The barn yard is sticky, but it […]

Well today I am officially back to work every day. I am challenged with our new name – I would like to say EARS, but we are now OCRC – Emo. That isn’t nearly as catchy or easy. I would have liked to have had a better sleep but that […]

Finally, we are getting a much-needed break in the weather. This really cuts the stress of cows calving outside when the temperatures return to a much more bearable number. Sunday in the bright sun was the first day that I didn’t have any calves. I am sure they thought it […]

February is supposed to a short month but with these extreme temperatures it is seeming rather long. I believe we have hit the two-week mark for cold weather, and I don’t remember seeing -40 on my thermometer so many times in a row. To say it has been challenging for […]

Did we not all say, “we are going to pay for this nice weather!” And we are. It was -40 checking cows all night and that was without the wind. Every year it seems the weather is shifting. To me, this should be January weather. Looks like we are into […]

Well last week turned out to be a bit challenging. Woke up on Wednesday to a water issue. I was thinking it was likely a “frozen” issue because we had moved into the deep freeze. It was a bit more than that. I left my boyfriend/partner in charge and I […]

After viewing my social media apps, I can see that many of us are all doing something similar; cleaning and organizing. The theme I have seen is tossing and putting drawers and closets back in order. It feels good and it will be one of the good benefits of the […]