I know I have mentioned before on what a great community we live in, but recently I was reminded once again! The thrift shop in Emo donated $2,000 to our beef clubs to help cover the costs of the abattoir and advertising. What a huge gesture that will appreciated by […]

My story is like last week; we need better hay-making weather. The hay that I had cut a week ago on Friday was baled up this Friday and for the first time in my history of hay making, we were leaving ruts in the field. After checking the weather forecast […]

We are all happy that we have more hay to cut this year, but now the weather needs to co-operate to allow us to get it baled up! Last week, the hay was not drying quickly at all, and I was very frustrated. Finally, by Friday was able to bale […]

July has arrived and our long weekend is already over. Though the weather was decent for the weekend, I am still longing for those warm summer nights. Instead, we are still packing on sweatshirts and longer pants. I sure am counting on a long, beautiful fall. My mom and I […]

I can barely grasp it is the end of June. I planned to start cutting hay over the weekend, but the weather changed my mind on that. I would have had to bundle up cutting on Sunday because it certainly wasn’t a warm day. I think we are so thankful […]

Wow — summer has arrived in a big way! We went from sweatshirts on Saturday to as little outerwear as possible on Sunday. We shall not complain — we need this! It is amazing how much growth we have seen in all our plots over the weekend. Now, as usually […]

Thank you to those who reached out wondering why I missed a week of Moos. I didn’t! It was the long weekend, so I decided to write my column on Monday night. It is never early when I do it but was all proud to have it completed since short […]

I am not quite sure how long ago this was now, but Wendy Judson tracked me down and asked me if I would consider sitting on the Riverside Foundation Board. She was looking to step down and wanted to have someone from Emo continue on the board. I thought about […]