Anxiety can be a living breathing organism moving through our body as if skateboarding in our veins, not afraid of collisions or falls, not concerned with injury it may bring to its host. Anxiety and I are well acquainted, are on a first name basis. I wish that weren’t so. […]

Of the approximately two dozen football coaches I met, the two smartest are Bud Grant and Marv Levy. That doesn’t mean they’re the two best coaches in Canadian history, of course, nor does it mean they aren’t. They were cerebral, in an era when being cerebral had nothing to do […]

The Kenora Bass International tournament took place this past weekend and it was another great event with plenty of big bass brought across the scales. The tournament, which started back in 1988 is one of the longest running annual fishing events in North America. Over the years there have been […]

I know I have mentioned before on what a great community we live in, but recently I was reminded once again! The thrift shop in Emo donated $2,000 to our beef clubs to help cover the costs of the abattoir and advertising. What a huge gesture that will appreciated by […]

Corn season is just starting to ramp up where I live in the Fraser Valley (of British Columbia, Canada), and so I wanted to share one of my favourite corn recipes with you: South-Western Corn Fritters. These are more of a southern type dish, but 100% delicious and the permit […]

Baseball’s home run ghosts are starting to emerge from the shadows and they’ll likely be around until the season ends in October. So get ready for Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa…names that pop up occasionally, but seldom in unison. That is changing, because of Aaron […]

I went to the ocean today. The heat was severe at home. The trees, weary from the heat, curled their leaves in protest and seemed to bow to the heat as if conceding. “You win,” the trees whispered to the sun. There weren’t many at Bachman’s Beach on the south […]