I listen to Q most mornings, one of my favourite CBC Radio programs. Tom Power is kind, generous, humble, and after I listen to his program I feel as though he and I have shared a conversation over a cup of tea at his kitchen table in St. John’s, Newfoundland. […]

This Sunday marks Father’s Day. It was not until 1910 that the day was celebrated in North America. Then Sonora Smart Dodd marked the third Sunday in June to recognize fathers. Historically the celebration of fathers began in the Middle Ages and was marked by Saint Joseph Day in the […]

It’s got to be an x/y chromosome thing. That seems to be the only rational for faulty male memory. No female has ever admitted forgetting anything, particularly if it has to do with some perceived shortcoming of her spouse. I say perceived, because what the female identifies as a male […]

To add to our stressed crops from lack of moisture and frost we now have the alfalfa weevil attacking. The advice is to cut your alfalfa to starve out the pest. The issue is that because of the other two issues the crop is sparse. There is a lot of […]

Bob Dunn
Distant Replay

It was just before a Cactus League game in Arizona. Four retired major leaguers had been imported to shake hands and sign autographs for fans who remembered them. At the end of a long table, one man sat alone. No visitors. No autographs. He brought is own chair. It was […]

I asked a group of people of different ages on Monday whether they would continue to wear masks once they had been fully vaccinated and the government had declared the pandemic over. Almost everyone agreed that they would continue to wear masks when shopping throughout the community. It is a […]

Naomi Osaka withdrew from the French Open (tennis) after winning her first match on May 30th. Are you familiar with her? At the 2020 US Open Osaka wore the name of a black life taken by racism on her face mask, a different name for each match, with no shortage […]

This actually happened and it bears repeating. It happened “Along about knee deep in June” a few summers back. It was a beautiful summer morning as the usual crew pulled up to the debating table at the Bakery in Rainy River. I prompted Val for an order of toast and […]