One year ago, we were in a lockdown, but optimistic that life would return to normal in a few months. Covid-19 deaths were declining, and infections were declining through August. We could see the end of the tunnel and felt life would return to normal soon. Then we watched through […]

You can’t make crap like this up. So just the facts…. Rick, our Wanna-be Mountie, was on a rant the other morning. Not that that was unusual, it was just this time he had documented proof. “The rotten $%%#@s cancelled my credit card!” roared Rick his voice dripping with injured […]

Wow! We really can’t complain about our weather for our Easter Weekend. Other than the wind on Good Friday could translate to 40 days and 40 night of strong winds. That is what my grandma told me for years. It was warm enough for me to take off my long […]

I’ve said it before, more than once, I confess. But I feel compelled to say it again, so that I might feel part of the conversation/action that is called change. We are always changing and evolving and sometimes the change is so small that it can go undetected, and a […]

The coleus plant has been available to gardeners for decades in a large variety of colours. In the past, they were a favourite for planters and shade gardens because they are durable and easy to grow and are best known for their bright colours and variety of foliage forms. In […]

Most don’t consider salad dressings to be sauces, however they share the same definition: a flavourful liquid that enhances a finished dish. Salads do not all necessarily share the characteristic of being made out of lettuce; they do however almost always depend upon a dressing of one aspect or another. […]

When my father passed away over 25 years ago, the thing that I always remember is walking into the newspaper office on the Monday morning and a staff member coming over and giving me a huge hug and feeling good about it. That week is a blur, but throughout the […]

You thought Skinhead was some neo Nazi extremist group. Maybe they are, but when you are 6’4” trying to work in a five foot something basement, the term takes on a whole new meaning. Our old basement was looking pretty dreary and with my granddaughter spending the Covid enforced university […]

Mother Nature gave us a reminder that it was still March! Though the snow didn’t last long, it did provide us with some moisture. We have certainly been receiving our fair share of wind, which certainly helps to dry things up. The barn yard is staying decent and you could […]

It may be Spring on the calendar and I can confirm the by-product of the blizzard of last week in my neighbourhood has all but vanished. I know winter is lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce if I am complacent, but today, this very day, while it is +18 […]

After fishing in Alabama last week we have a couple of weeks off before my fishing tournament season resumes in Texas the second week in April. Instead of heading home like we would typically do, my wife and I are staying with some friends down in Florida during the downtime.  […]