After fishing in Alabama last week we have a couple of weeks off before my fishing tournament season resumes in Texas the second week in April. Instead of heading home like we would typically do, my wife and I are staying with some friends down in Florida during the downtime.  […]

When I think about March, ice fishing is the first thing that comes to mind. Since the early 2000’s I have spent more days on the ice through this month than doing anything else, taking advantage of the weather and the excellent fishing opportunities. Many of my biggest walleye, pike, […]

As this seemingly never-ending, brutal pandemic continues to wreak havoc on all of us, there has been one bright side for the fishing community in that more people than ever before are going fishing. Over the past several months there have been a bunch of different states and provinces who […]

After the shortest offseason that I’ve experienced in my tournament fishing career, the 2021 Bassmaster Elite Series season starts this week at the St. John’s River in Florida. The 2020 season wrapped up in early November in Texas so it was a quick turnaround to get ready for the new […]

When electric power augers first came on to the ice fishing scene around ten years ago, they were heavy, slow and didn’t have the endurance to drill more than a few holes. Good for the person who was only looking to drill out a few holes in a shelter but […]

Most of the time when I write this column you’re not going to get a preachy point of view out of me. We’re all fortunate that in the fishing community, times have changed from only a few decades ago and the majority of anglers out there practice catch and release, […]

Growing up in Kenora and around Lake of the Woods, known as one of the top walleye fisheries in the World, you would have never been caught dead keeping a perch. I have told that story several times in recent years as perch on the big lake and across Northwest […]