Dear editor, The Restrictive Covenant Agreement between Resolute Forest Products and 2670568 Ontario Ltd. outlines the criteria by which Resolute agreed to sell the Fort Frances mill. There are several restrictive covenants, however it is the covenant that restricts the buyer of the Fort Frances mill from interfering in the […]

An open letter from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to Minister of Finance Peter Bethlenfalvy. Dear Minister Bethlenfalvy, Thank you for your continued leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the situation evolves, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) is receiving concerns from the business community and communicating them to all […]

Dear editor, Two weeks. That’s what we were told over a year ago. Two weeks to flatten the curve and prevent the healthcare system from being overwhelmed. At the time, so much was unknown about this virus from China, that Canadians heeded the advice of Government/Health officials and put our […]

Dear editor, I fully sympathize with the postal worker whose spectacles fog up whilst wearing a mask. As I have have spent almost a lifetime wearing a mask in the operating room I had the same problem when spectacles became necessary. I thought it would be useful to share my […]

Dear editor: In June 2017 Resolute Forest Products disclosed the governments waiver of the repayment of the 22.5 million dollar loan in its U.S. Securities and Exchange filings. In 2019, the MNRF refused to answer Fort Frances Councillor Douglas Judson’s questions related to this waiver, citing confidential financial information the […]

Dear Editor, On December 12, 2017, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario approved the Minister’s request and recommendation to extend the term of Sustainable Forest Licence No. 542245 for ten years. The Minister’s recommendation was based on two consecutive independent third party audits of the Licensee to determine if the terms […]

Dear editor, When a subset of a population reacts differently than the total population to a stimulus, there are usually reasons for this variance. An obvious situation occurs in the world today: COVID 19 is the stimulus. Let’s look at some examples: Northwestern Ontario is clearly a subset of Ontario, […]

Dear editor, The ongoing demolition of the forest resource processing facility in Fort Frances is the final chapter of a story that began when Resolute Forest Products closed this facility in early 2014. Resolute Forest Products is a for profit publicly traded company that utilizes the resources from the Crown […]

Dear editor, On April 1 2020, after two years of engagement and consultations with the public, First Nations and Metis, the MNRF merged the Crossroute and Sapawe Forest Management Units into a new Crown (Boundary Waters) forest under a single Sustainable Forest Licence No.542245 granted to the Boundary Waters Forest […]

It has come to our attention that Fort Frances Town Council is in the process of implementing a By-law restricting tents on residential property. Before Council elects to make such a decision regarding this matter, I am requesting an all-inclusive meeting with the Fort Frances Town Council along with the […]

In light of the declaration by the Ontario government of a second state of emergency I am requesting that community members everywhere take these new lockdown requirements extremely seriously. We all must spend as much time at home as possible because of the danger COVID-19 poses to the Anishinaabe Nation […]