Dear editor, Plastic is everywhere. We use it in packaging, construction, agriculture, automobiles, electronics, textiles, and medical equipment. While plastic has revolutionized our lives, plastic pollution has emerged as a key environmental issue worldwide. Of the four million tonnes of plastic waste that is thrown away in Canada every year, […]

Dear editor, I would like the opportunity to explain to the citizens of Fort Frances about the Canada Day Parade because I have been asked many times in the last month about parade details. The Fun In The Sun committee/Canada Day committee has NOT been responsible for the parade, only activities […]

MPP-elect Sol Mamakwa, a member of the Kingfisher Lake First Nation, explains the importance of acknowledging National Indigenous Peoples Day (June 21: Dear editor “Our Peoples have been on the lands that are now called Canada since time immemorial. In the past, due to racist colonial laws such as the […]

Letter to the editor, I am outraged at the seeming incompetence of the people who are responsible for the water levels on the Rainy Lake basin. It is my understanding that the International Falls dam has 15 waste gates but due to the narrow passage at Ranier, 13 waste gates […]

Dear editor, I agree with Mr. Zeitlhofer in his Letter to the Editor last week, in which he stated that the members of the Legislative Assembly have let us down. The corporate level of the MNRF responsible for the implementation of the Crown Forest Sustainability Act have not been held […]

Dear editor, As we drive by the mill and watch its furious and rapid destruction, we might very well ask ourselves what came to pass that the mainstay of our economy must be razed to the ground. It really doesn’t make sense. We live among plentiful forest resources, but we […]

The following is an open letter to Doug Ford from Queer Vote 2022, which is organizing a debate using questions from LGBT and other marginalized communities. Dear Mr. Ford, We have been reaching out to you for months now, asking you to participate in a debate which has questions from […]

Dear editor, In the last year the Federal liberal government and Provincial conservative governments have announced hundreds of millions of dollars going to the auto sector and battery manufacturing for electric cars. On May 2, four weeks before a provincial election they jointly announced another billion dollar investment into retooling […]

Dear editor, With regards to the proposed Nuclear Waste Repository in the Ignace area, the Nuclear Waste Management had started our with many possibility’s for this repository in the granites in the Canadian Shield two of which they have already ruled out because the water out of the repository area […]

Dear Editor, A huge thank you to all the families who brought their children to the Rainy Lake Square to celebrate our annual Egg-stravaganza. The face painters and mascots brought many happy smiles. We were overwhelmed and blessed with the huge variety of donated prize baskets, bikes, and helmets from […]

Dear Editor: I am writing to you today so that my letter to Town Council may be read by the Public as it was not addressed during the April 11th meeting regarding the proposed zoning amendment of the lagoon property. I own the closest property to the proposed crypto-currency mining […]

Dear editor, I would like to express my concerns for the lack of recreational programs and amenities for families. Being a parent of two children under 5 there is not a lot of opportunities, especially during the past two years. So, when I find out that my child is waitlisted […]