Dear editor, At the urgings of those who have heard my story, and in light of the USA Border now being re-opened, I submit this letter that I sent to both Border Patrol and Public Health. May it better prepare readers for any cross-border travel. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN […]

Dear editor, Has the Town of Fort Frances considered lobbying the operators of the International Bridge regarding recognition for unused bridge crossing cards that have expired and that we have not been able to use due to the decision to close our land border crossing during the Covid 19 pandemic? […]

Dear editor, The Fort Frances Times published an article on October 27, 2021 which referred to a Legal Opinion related to Resolute Forest Product’s compliance with the terms and conditions of the Crossroute Forest License. The law firm advised that Resolute Forest Products annual report to the MNRF, referred to […]

Dear editor, Yes, it was my beautiful, talented, compassionate 31-year-old daughter Dayna Elizabeth Karle who passed away on September 19th of this year from an accidental drug overdose after being sober for the past nine months. I am sure many of you reading this knows someone, possibly a loved one […]

Dear editor, It was with profound disappointment that I read the Jeer in the Oct 19th bulletin in which the author contends that vaccinated people are the now ones who are dangerously spreading the virus. Publishing this jeer was not a responsible decision by the Fort Frances Times. you provided anti-vaxxers […]

Dear editor, The West Rainy River District Lions Club has just wrapped up another successful fundraiser known as the RRWT Pontoon Boat Raffle drawn this past September 19 at the Big Tent with the help of the Rainy River Walleye Tournament. Financially it was very successful and 100% of all […]

Dear editor, I was disappointed to see such a one-sided article in last Wednesday’s FF Times. I’d like to take this opportunity to share the other side of this dispute. The Minister of Health is being disingenuous when she says the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) is not ready to […]

Dear editor, This email comes to you with great concern about eye care in Ontario. I was completely shocked when I called to book an appointment with an optometrist today. I am 58 years old and have worked since I was 15 years old. I paid into a benefits program […]

Dear editor, A recent influx of posts to circulate the “walls” of many has aggravated a dirty issue that I feel the Town of Fort Frances is due to clean up. The midnight dumping of garbage in our community is an increasing burden and council’s negligence to incentivize people to […]

Dear editor, Elections should be about more than just candidates. They should also be about issues that matter to Canadians. There are plenty of issues in this election vying for attention. Like the candidates, some will be winners, others will lose. Unfortunately, the urgent need for national standards in long-term […]

Dear editor, I watched the federal election debate last night and one thing became very clear to me. A large part of the debate was on climate change and what would each leader will do to meet their targets on carbon reduction. Expanding Nuclear power will be a primary part […]

Dear editor, Vast, beautiful, healthy forests define Canada, making up 38 per cent of our land. But they are under attack. Wildfires engulf huge swaths of woodlands in British Columbia; smoke from similar infernos in north-west Ontario reaches as far as Toronto, Windsor and Ottawa. We know a main cause […]