Monday, July 6, 2015



Dear editor:
To the board and management of Riverside Health Care, I am writing this on behalf of myself and the staff at Rainycrest Long-Term Care.
In my 20 years of working here, I have not come across a better administrator than Mr. Darryl Galusha—and I am sure that everyone agrees with me.

Sincere thanks

Dear editor:
I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Emo Baptist Church and its members for honouring Randy and Brenda Cooke for their many years of dedication to the Municipality of Emo.
A special thanks was granted to Brenda Cooke for 35 years of dedicated service on helping enrich the community.
Emo Coun.
Ken Fisher

Past due

Dear editor:
Please re-print the text of an e-mail I sent to Premier Kathleen Wynne and Natural Resources and Forestry minister Bill Mauro:
Mr. Mauro and Ms. Wynne:

Drive safely

Dear Mike:
’Tis the season for warm weather, fun with friends and family, barbecues, visits to the lake, and . . . construction.
Yes, we never like to see it but it’s part of the summer season.
Roads and underground works need to be repaired and here in Fort Frances, we have been witnesses and participants to the detour of Highway #11 (King’s Highway) via Fourth Street in the west end.

Misplaced blame

Dear editor:
I am embarrassed to be called a Northwestern Ontarian after hearing on the radio what the people are demanding of the government.
The government owes no one an apology for the accidents on our highways over the years. It is neither the government nor the contractor’s fault for the accidents that have occurred in the past years on our roads.

‘Blah’ sign

Dear Mike:
Every time we drive by the “blah” sign on the eastern edge of Fort Frances, it just makes us wonder.
It is a very plain huge white billboard which says in boring black and green: “Fort Frances Boundless.” Way down in the corner there is a tiny “green” maple leaf—and that’s it!

Needs fixing

Dear editor:
Senator Lynn Beyak from Dryden sits on the committee studying C-51, the new law on national security.
While fellow senators like Grant Mitchell and Mobina Jaffer are asking to fix the faults in C-51, Ms. Beyak is silent.
She said her constituents are concerned that “the rights of terrorists” are taking precedence over the rights of Canadians.


Dear editor:
I have been in Fort Frances since 1997. I have been impressed with the calibre of talent at the Fort Frances Times, as evidenced by what you have chosen to publish day after day.


Dear editor:
This year’s FFHS musical production of “Grease” was an incredible showcase of amazing talent, dedication, and commitment by the staff and students involved.
It was an absolutely delightful show from opening to closing night, and the local talent displayed was inspiring.

Slow down

Dear editor:
We understand that people who work as OPP officers have a job to do like the rest of us in this world.
To me, it doesn’t give them the right to drive like idiots through a small town like Emo at an excessive rate of speed.

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