Thursday, July 24, 2014


A blessing

Dear editor:
I just came back from cooking for a week at Sunny Cove for the Northern Echo Bible Camp and wanted to extend my gratitude to the Town of Fort Frances for purchasing a new cook stove and new fridge.
I also would like to say a big thank you to Gary Rogozinski for the superb job of keeping the grounds in great shape!

Remembering Lac Mégantic

Dear editor:

Many gathered in Lac Mégantic on July 6—a year to the day when 47 people lost their lives when rail oil tanker cars exploded.
As residents remembered the loss of lives, and the destruction of a large section of the town, the clean-up of six million litres of oil remains a long-term project.
The oil which exploded in Lac Mégantic came from North Dakota’s Bakken oil fields.

Sharing concerns

Dear editor:
As a community member of Rainy River First Nation, I am still waiting for information on potential environmental impacts of the proposed Blackhawk mine on our lands of Rainy River First Nation.
As most people are aware, we are located about 12 miles south of the proposed Blackhawk mine location and we do face the greatest risk of contamination from the proposed mining operation.

Truly amazing

Dear editor:
As a parent of a 2014 Fort Frances High School graduate and a member of the “Chem-Free Grad” committee, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the many, many (over 150) community businesses and individuals who supported this terrific event.

Great job

Dear editor:
Many thanks go out to Catherine McGuire, co-ordinator/coach and number-one cheerleader for this season’s Division 5 youth soccer!
She single-handedly took on the challenge of organizing almost 30 young players to ensure they would have a soccer season, and did so with great enthusiasm and commitment.

Parents thanked

Dear editor:
As I head into my last week as a full-time elementary teacher, I would like to send a message to the wonderful parents of students that I have had over the years.
Dear parents, I want to thank:
Those of you that have read my many newsletters, sent in the materials that I have requested, and signed all those consent forms in a timely manner.

Share frustration

Dear editor:
In response to James Sutherland’s letter, headlined “Fiddling away,” which appeared in the June 4 issue of the Times.
Mr. Sutherland, I absolutely share your concern with the sky-high hydro rates in the northwest. This legacy of the Harris and McGuinty governments hurts families, hurts small business, and hurts industry.
I’ve made this issue central to my campaign.

Busy time

Dear editor:
Spring has been a fairly busy time for us residents here at Rainycrest.
First of all, there was the 15- to 20-piece band from Bermuda which played for all of us in Hallett Hall on April 4.
They were here helping celebrate the Salvation Army’s 100th year in the community of Fort Frances, and I might add that they played a terrific concert.

Help us grow

Dear editor:
Ontario’s agriculture sector has become a cornerstone of the province’s economy.
The Christian Farmers’ Federation of Ontario believes that, with the right business climate in place, the farm and food sector can grow its contribution to the economy and society.

Fiddling away

Dear editor:
Sarah Campbell, NDP candidate for Kenora-Rainy River, likes to protest. She likes to stand on the sidewalk, wave her sign, and be seen doing it.
But at the recent NOMA meeting, she sat on her hands. Did nothing. Said nothing.
Northwestern Ontario deserves better and needs better, desperately.

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