Sunday, April 26, 2015


Local support

Dear editor:
I am proud to say that I have been with the Canadian Cancer’s Society’s “Relay For Life” committee for five years, serving as co-chair for the last four, as well as being a participant and team captain for more than 10 years.

Paddle for a cause

Dear editor:
In response to last week’s letter, “Frustrated,” I also have been a sponsor of the Canadian Cancer Society for many years and have provided financial support for the “Relay For Life” fundraiser, as well as a number of other national charities.
However, I also have become aware of how little money from the national charities is returned to support people in our district.

Say yes

Dear editor:
Mental health of children and youth is an important factor in their success in school, relationships with others, and overall healthy development.
In 1983, the Ontario Child Health Study raised concerns about the large number of children experiencing mental health challenges (one-in-five) and the very small number receiving any form of care.


Dear editor:
I have been a strong supporter of the Canadian Cancer Society for many years, including being on the “Relay For Life” committee for the first five years of its existence in Fort Frances.

Examine privilege

Dear editor:
I write today to talk about a reoccurring theme that presents itself within my experiences and ultimately urges me to use my “voice” in this forum.

God’s love

Dear editor:
Love—everyone needs it, young or old; so it’s reassuring to know that “God loves everyone.”
But where does that notion come from? The seniors at Rainycrest know—and they sing about it often.

Pay attention

Dear editor:
When former prime ministers warn that we are losing our freedoms, we should pay attention!
Lake of the Woods resident (and former prime minister) John Turner has joined Jean Chrétien, Joe Clark, and Paul Martin in saying that Bill C-51, the anti-terror law, lacks any reasonable oversight mechanism to prevent abuses of privacy and civil rights.


Dear editor:
I just wanted to give kudos to Roger Wickstrom, owner/operator of Player Vibe Billiards and Gaming in Fort Frances.
What a great place for young people to hang out, have fun, and be safe.
Dayle Allan,
Devlin, Ont.
(On behalf of
the Emo Express
Bantam boys)

Up for debate

Dear editor:
We are proud to share with you that on Nov. 4, 2014, alongside more than 100 women’s organizations and their allies, we launched “Up For Debate”—a campaign calling on all federal political parties to make meaningful commitments to change women’s lives for the better, at home and around the world.

Reality of our times

Dear editor:
I found it very ironic that there were two news articles dealing with the Town of Fort Frances in last Wednesday’s Times.

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