Thursday, March 5, 2015


Up for debate

Dear editor:
We are proud to share with you that on Nov. 4, 2014, alongside more than 100 women’s organizations and their allies, we launched “Up For Debate”—a campaign calling on all federal political parties to make meaningful commitments to change women’s lives for the better, at home and around the world.

Reality of our times

Dear editor:
I found it very ironic that there were two news articles dealing with the Town of Fort Frances in last Wednesday’s Times.

Urgent matter

Dear editor:
We are viewing with alarm the fact that nothing is planned or funded to deal with the problems of sewage flooding our basements and parts of our homes every spring that an event occurs; that no control is used by our town.
We continue to clean up the mess and either fund large insurance deductibles or pay the total costs of sewer back-ups when spills occur.


Dear editor:
Congratulations to Jenna Enge and the Northern Ontario curling rink for their fine showing at the 2015 Scotties Tournament of Hearts.
Looking forward to seeing you again next year.
Allan Webb
Waterdown, Ont.

Real pluck

Dear editor:
I am writing this letter in support of fathers.
I encourage fathers to be real men—men who, together with their wives, will lead their families in positive activities.
I encourage men who listen to their sons and daughters; men who hold up a standard of integrity and faithfulness.


Dear Mike:
Your heading, “Worthless sham,” more aptly describes [last week’s] editorial column than the message therein.
Great column if, in fact, Mr. Harper calls an early election and contravenes his fixed date section of the Canada Elections Act. Then it would be a perfect time to print the column and hang Mr. Harper out to dry.

Step backward

Dear Mike:
I believe that mayor and council have taken one step forward and a large step backward regarding their latest decisions concerning the fee structure at the Sportsplex.
The decision to reduce the age at which one is considered to be a “senior” to 60, and to give seniors using the facility a $40 discount, was a good one. However, it did not go far enough.

Choice is ours

Dear editor:
Bullying! Defamation of character! Slander!
Where did the members of ISIS get their start to become terrorists?
When those in leadership roles get bitten by the “power bug,” terrible things begin to happen. When they discover others, supposedly “beneath” them, have gifts to offer, too, fear sets in . . . and the abuse begins.


Dear editor:
I, too, am shocked at the possibility of the town killing our beloved Canada geese, who innocently drop feces near the water tower, and throw them into the dump like trash.
Everyone is part of the ecosystem, including geese and you. Conservation parks are made to help birds—the same ones you wish to kill. Some groups also tag these geese for tracking.

Seniors let down

Dear editor:
“Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line.”
How many of us have called a business or government agency, managed to press all of the correct buttons in the right sequence, only to be rewarded with this recording?
Do we really believe “our call is important.”

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