Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Faulty logic

Dear editor:
As a former English teacher and as one who respects and loves the English language, I was surprised and confused by the strange and misleading use of the word “subsidize” by some town councillors.
The discussion centered on the use of fees, and specifically group memberships, at the Memorial Sports Centre.


Dear editor:
When the Town of Fort Frances decided to brand itself as “Boundless,” I had no idea it was referring to articles of clothing.
I am assuming B93 The Border is a reliable source when reporting on its website that last Tuesday, an application for a “adult entertainment parlour” licence was approved—without debate.


Dear editor:
I read with dismay the article in the Daily Bulletin on Jan. 13 in regards to killing the Canada geese that live along the waterfront and by the water tower in Fort Frances.
I can’t believe this even would be considered!
As many people know, I run, walk, or cycle along the waterfront pathway, including at the Seven Oaks and Point area, almost every day in the summer.


Dear editor:
During the last four-year term of council, myself and many others were dissatisfied with the representation we got from our reeve and council.
We waited out the four years and [then] exercised our democratic right by voting them out and a new council in.

More questions

Dear editor:
I, as well as the taxpayers of Fort Frances, would desire to see the [town] budget to be a bit more transparent.
An item of concern is the resulting condition of Front Street, its surface drainage condition, and attitude towards repairs to same.

Consider our plight

Dear editor:
I arrived in this town in 1954. The sewer and water system was designed previous to that.
The town’s construction required all weeping tile to be drained into the sanitary sewer system. It seemed to be working well at the time.

Too heavy?

Dear Santa:
Thank you for everything you brought me for Christmas. You continually surprise me with all that you accomplish on Christmas Eve.
However, you missed one thing. I didn’t receive the Stratton/Morley History Book (I have been asking for 11 years!)
Were the books too heavy for your sleigh?
I hope you made it safely back to the North Pole.

Celebrate Jesus

Dear Mike:
The identity of Jesus of Nazareth has been the subject of great controversy for 2,000 years. Yet there remains imposing evidence to the validity of His claims and those of the Apostles.

False notion

Dear Mike:
We need to correct a false notion about how we need to spell “Christ.”
The word Christ (English) is originally Greek (“Christos”). The first two letters are ‘X’ (Chi) and ‘P’ (Rho).

Unfairly cast

Dear sir:
Recently, a letter to the editor was published that purported to be an open letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne.
It was, in actual fact, an ill-informed diatribe which unfairly cast the premier as the villain in the author’s fantasy world. The thesis was that Kathleen Wynne only cares about the GTA and her lack of knowledge of our area was preventing the mill from reopening.

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