Thursday, October 30, 2014


Taxpayers win

Dear Mike:
And the winners are . . . the taxpayers of Fort Frances!
We have just participated in one of the most stimulating municipal elections that I recall in my 40 years as a resident of this town.
I personally thank those public-minded citizens who put their names on the ballot. It takes courage and commitment to promise to devote your time and effort to public service.


Dear editor:
I walk my dog in [Point] Park every day, and every day I pick up everyone else’s rubbish (as well as my own), then I take it home and put it in my rubbish bin.
The Town of Fort Frances (or its agents) locked all the rubbish bins in the park almost a month ago and there is nowhere for people to dispose of their rubbish.

Remarkable job

Dear Mike:
In Emo this year, we have been privy to being serviced by a community-friendly contractor.
Makkinga Contracting, who have been replacing water lines in our community, have gone out of their way to reduce inconveniences to homeowners.

Wake up

Dear editor:
As I commute daily to work this Hallowe’en season, I pass a house with a plastic skeleton swaying in the breeze.
A few houses down, I pass a house with a mock graveyard. Another house nearby has ghoulish bodies handing out on the porch.
These hideous Hallowe’en decor are just a few of many. Each time I pass these sights, I feel a dreadful aching and sorrow in my heart.


Dear editor:
Oct. 19-25 is Canadian Foster Family Week, which is dedicated to honouring the foster families in Kenora-Rainy River Districts.
Foster families are essential and without the constant care and commitment our families provide, we would not be able to offer the protection that some children in our districts desperately need.

Sad day

Dear editor:
In response to the front page photo in the Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014 edition of the F.F. Times.
It is a sad day in the life of a community when one of the largest pictures on the front page is that of zombies spattered in blood.
What are we saying to the rest of the community? Is everyone for this kind of “celebration”?

Not the time

Dear Mike:
Some of the comments I have both read and heard regarding the upcoming municipal election have prompted me to put a pen to paper and dash off a letter to the editor.
While hoping to clarify some of the things said to me, I also want to give my opinion and knowledge about certain matters.

Think about it

Dear editor:
I’ve written this letter a half-dozen times, and it comes across as either preachy or hypocritical at best—or a shake down at worst.
It’s not intended as any of these, especially the latter.


Dear editor:
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the annual winter coat drive organized by the Associates of St. Marguerite d’Youville has been cancelled.
Unfortunately, we were unable to secure a building to hold it.
We regret any inconvenience this has caused our valued customers whom we have served these past 20 years.

Return council

Dear editor:
I feel I must respond to the comments made last week on B93 regarding the Huffman subdivision.
The cost was not $2 million as quoted.

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