Local minor hockey officials were surprised to learn of the cover-ups made by Hockey Canada to pay settlements for alleged sexual assault claims without the knowledge of either their insurance company or with public knowledge. No one knew until the Globe and Mail disclosed that the funds had been created […]

The Waldorf Astoria is in New York’s Midtown Manhattan, at 47 stories the tallest hotel in the world for three decades, and it retains its stature today — if not physically, then cosmetically. I would never have slept there except that’s where the Montreal Expos stayed when I was the […]

When my daughter became an educator, her goal was to save the children of the world. How does one go about such a Herculean task? One child at a time, I told her. My children grew up listening to the music and playful yet thoughtful lyrics of Raffi. Raffi Cavoukian, […]

My story is like last week; we need better hay-making weather. The hay that I had cut a week ago on Friday was baled up this Friday and for the first time in my history of hay making, we were leaving ruts in the field. After checking the weather forecast […]

It was a busy weekend for bass anglers across the Sunset Country region with two of the bigger events of the season taking place. In Fort Frances, the Canadian Bass Championship ran Thursday to Saturday on Rainy Lake and up in Kenora, another group of anglers fished the Bronzeback Classic, […]

The best interview I never did was with Greg Norman. Several years ago, I was a golf magazine editor, and Norman was an appropriate subject for a feature. The interview never took place, in person, because Norman’s “people” said he would only answer submitted questions, in writing. To say I […]

Have you ever looked at the soil in your garden and considered it as anything more than soil? If not, you should – there is a lot more there than meets the eye. It performs many functions that you may not be aware of and having good quality soil in […]

When the 2022 Bassmaster Elite Series schedule was released last year, the mid-July stop at Clayton, New York and the St. Lawrence River caught my attention. Having been to this venue a few times in recent years I had seen first hand that it is one of the top smallmouth […]