A tradition in my family has always been the customary ritual of decorating eggs for Easter. As far back as history can take us, the egg seems to have always been a symbol of continuing life and resurrection. Therefore, it was natural to decorate them and give out as gifts […]

One thing that is for sure is that Mother Nature is consistently inconsistent. Spring weather can be so unpredictable with an unseasonably warm day one day and a late season snowfall the next. In order to provide come consistency in your garden, I have compiled a list of products that […]

I have been thinking back over this past weekend about the many retail changes in Fort Frances and across the district. LaVallee, Devlin, Barwick Stratton, Pinewood, Bergland all had small general stores that carried everything from nuts to groceries servicing the immediate community. When I began composing ads back in […]

I bounced into the Post Office in Rainy the other day all suitably masked and joined the queue to pick up my parcel from Zoned.com. One thing this Covid19 pandemic has done is given Canada Post a real business booming boost. I waited patiently trying to figure out who all […]

This weather reminds me more of April than March. It is certainly good weather for those who are just starting to get calves. The little drizzle that we received last night has softened things up, but it didn’t leave a bunch of puddles. The barn yard is sticky, but it […]

I realized the other day that hope seemed in short supply in my cupboard of reserves. I was checking my inventory and recording the levels of patience, tolerance, kindness, empathy, and I noticed that hope was all but depleted. That’s never a good thing, but … it got me thinking. […]

Tournament fishing is an emotional activity in that the highs can be so high and the lows can be so low. Before I go any further, I know, it’s only fishing, there are certainly more important issues in life but hear me out. After winning the last event a couple […]

Ontario residents will be waiting in line over their computers for the next several months. And area residents will probably be waiting in line even longer. On Monday just before nine in the morning I went online to discover how long people over 80 would wait to register for an […]

“Hey Rick, what’s that on the back of your truck?” was the first question I asked our retired Mountie-wanna-be as I pulled up to the Debating Table at the Bakery in Rainy River. Rick is a re-known collector of treasures i.e. JUNK and has a 48ft van, and several sheds, […]

I’ve been digging through my boxes of memories these past few weeks, of things I saved that at one time seemed incredibly important and valuable to me. I have an autograph book that friends wrote in at the end of each school year. I have track and field ribbons from […]

Well today I am officially back to work every day. I am challenged with our new name – I would like to say EARS, but we are now OCRC – Emo. That isn’t nearly as catchy or easy. I would have liked to have had a better sleep but that […]