This weekend we will move our clocks forward to daylight savings. It was a year ago that we realized that the pandemic was upon us. A year ago, this coming weekend, Marnie and I were on our way to visit our granddaughter in Calgary. We had originally thought of flying, […]

I had visions, when I was eight years old, of becoming a super-hero, once I had conquered the ability to tell time. First things first. It is essential that superheroes be able to tell time. I struggled with time telling, I confess. My mother was disappointed, but she shouldn’t have […]

Rick is in the doghouse…. again! Rick is our Wanna-be-Mountie, a long retired peace officer. A close up and personal encounter with a concrete truck several years back left Rick in a somewhat decreased mobility state. Not completely crippled up, but close to it. His gait and mobility is so […]

My all-time favourite dessert, no matter what the occasion is Crème Caramel.Crème Caramel is much like Crème Brûlée, but the caramelized sugar goes into the ramekin first, rather than torched on top. The result is a complex caramel layer on top of the inverted custard and a residual complex caramel […]

When I think about March, ice fishing is the first thing that comes to mind. Since the early 2000’s I have spent more days on the ice through this month than doing anything else, taking advantage of the weather and the excellent fishing opportunities. Many of my biggest walleye, pike, […]

It is frustrating living in Northwestern Ontario with the COVID virus crawling through our communities. We look south and see how quickly residents in northern Minnesota are being vaccinated. We watch with bated breath as our seniors at Rainycrest receive their second vaccination. With a second outbreak in Rainycrest staff […]

We all have days when we feel our contribution to the world, to the greater good, has little or no value. Self-doubt moves in and gives us a serious internal beating. These types of days may fall with greater frequency during these strange uncertain times we find ourselves in, when […]

By Mark ElliottSpecial to Squirrel Pie KFC is out to get me Or at least, that’s what I would think if I were a paranoid man. Ads from KFC flood my social media. “Hurry, deal ends February 28th,” they tell me. “Buy one item, get one free. So much chicken!” […]

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned gardener, gardeners all want to fill their gardens to the brim with all the enticing plants available. That is why gardeners get very excited when the nurseries open in the spring and the planting season starts. I write this […]