During every trip to the supermarket we must make choices between the price, health, and convenience aspects of the foods we buy. Most people tend to believe that fresh is always the best option, and in many cases it is, but what about frozen vegetables? Are they just as nutritious […]

I recently read a list of accomplishments that a graduate of the University of Guelph provided to his fellow alumni in a response to an upcoming 50th reunion. I only got to the second or third bullet point before I abandoned the list and quit reading. I wasn’t sure which […]

I just knew it had to be good for you! How could anything that feels so right be bad? I am of course talking about breaking wind or scientifically flatulence. That’s right, a fart. Don’t believe me? Google it! Google wouldn’t lie to you, would they? The health benefits of […]

Over the weekend I read an interesting opinion piece by Patrick Smith in the New York Times. He is a singer, songwriter and has worked in the oil fields of North Dakota. His opinion piece forced me to rethink my view of pipelines and the rush to clean energy. I […]

Did we not all say, “we are going to pay for this nice weather!” And we are. It was -40 checking cows all night and that was without the wind. Every year it seems the weather is shifting. To me, this should be January weather. Looks like we are into […]

After the shortest offseason that I’ve experienced in my tournament fishing career, the 2021 Bassmaster Elite Series season starts this week at the St. John’s River in Florida. The 2020 season wrapped up in early November in Texas so it was a quick turnaround to get ready for the new […]

I overheard a piece of a conversation the other day with one person asking another for their favourite food or favourite movie, I can’t remember which. I wasn’t really listening, but the word favourite caught my attention and it got me thinking. Many conversation starters when getting to know someone […]

Hindsight is a great marker for examining the roads we take. Looking back, I had a chance to buy “Apple” stock at less than $8.00. Through many splits, the stock was trading at $134 on Tuesday. I didn’t buy. Similarly, it is important to look back when we examine decisions […]

Well last week turned out to be a bit challenging. Woke up on Wednesday to a water issue. I was thinking it was likely a “frozen” issue because we had moved into the deep freeze. It was a bit more than that. I left my boyfriend/partner in charge and I […]

I suffer from the affliction of chronic earliness. As afflictions go, I suppose it isn’t worthy of stewing about, as compared to the insatiable need to rob banks or chew my fingernails, afflictions of that nature. I never arrive late, and I wrestle with anxiety if being late appears as […]