I was thinking the other day about the definition of belonging, of what it means to be part of something outside of ourselves, to feel a connectedness with others, be it friend or family. This time of year, where ice and snow and cold sometimes create barriers, a sense of […]

Cell phones have become a ubiquitous part of our daily lives. There are pros and cons to this, as with most things. Lament it all you want, but it isn’t just teenagers who seem to be perpetually glued to their pocket-sized screens these days. But with the rise in use […]

Secure: Free from danger or attack; free from risk or loss. The escalation of hostilities between Iran and the United States brings into focus the need to revive the East-West Pipeline. The hostilities potentially surrounding the Gulf of Hormuz that would shut off shipments of oil from the middle east […]

Jim Cumming We look at technology as good for advancing productivity while reducing costs. Already robots and sophisticated machinery are eliminating many jobs in manufacturing. Technology has eliminated many cashiers at checkouts in grocery stores and wait staff at many counters of fast food restaurants across Canada. Technology now makes […]

Times change, people change. I will be leaving the Fort Frances Times this month to pursue employment elsewhere. It’s time to do something new. I first started working at the Time in June 1998 and at that time, had no idea I would end up being employed here more than […]

While there’s credence to the notion that Christmas has become too commercialized, the power of a gift–no matter the size or cost–cannot be denied. It shows us that someone, somewhere is thinking of us. This is appreciated all the more by those of us who may be alone at Christmas. […]

Almost six months ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a proposed federal ban of “harmful” single use plastics which could come into effect as early as January 2021. Coun. Doug Judson proposed a similar action at Monday evening’s council meeting. The federal proposal would ban plastics that are designed to […]

Members of several different organizations in Fort Frances celebrated the official opening of a sexual assault and patient care area at La Verendrye Hospital and with good reason. Victims and survivors of sexual assaults in Fort Frances and the surrounding areas now have a much more private and comfortable room […]

Do you know a young person who is involved in worthwhile community service, is contributing while living with a limitation, has performed an heroic act, demonstrates individual excellence, or is going above and beyond to help others? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you can nominate them […]

As Nov. 11 draws near, one question pops up in many Canadians’ minds: Should Remembrance Day be a statutory holiday in every province across Canada? While the federal government does acknowledge Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday, Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, and Nova Scotia do not. Nearly 61,000 Canadians died in […]

A crisp autumn evening with leaves crunching underfoot. Jack-o’-lanterns flickering fro window sills and porches. The streets alive with Star Wars characters, mummies, princesses, vampires, superheroes, and bug-eyed monsters from outer space. Trick-or-treating is a highlight of many people’s childhoods. Halloween meant dressing up, getting your first taste of independence […]

The people have spoken. Congratulations to Marcus Powlowski for being elected as our Member of Parliament in Monday’s federal election. He won a tight race among the three major parties, and now joins Patty Hajdu, who was re-elected in Thunder Bay-Superior North, as two of three Liberal MPs in northwestern […]