By Ken Kellar
Staff writer

Gone in one thundering moment. At just before 5:00 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, November 27, 2021, I was ready to watch the implosion of the remaining structure of the Fort Frances kraft mill. ‘Ready’ in a technical sense. Turns out I wasn’t exactly prepared. I don’t know if […]

We are just days away from the long-awaited loosening of border restrictions, which have sliced our community in half for almost two years. Starting on Tuesday, fully vaccinated Canadians will be able to cross for leisure, and stay up to 72 hours without requiring a test or quarantine upon return. […]

Volunteers are the heart of our town. Just think of everything you look forward to throughout the year – Santa Claus parades, fishing tournaments, theatre shows, craft sales, strawberry socials – volunteers are behind it all. Most of our parks, playgrounds and garden spaces were made possible through volunteer clubs […]

With Remembrance Day upon us, we turn our thoughts to the immense sacrifice of our soldiers, many of whom gave their lives for our freedom. Although the number of Veterans gets smaller with each passing year, the legacy of peace and prosperity they created continues to grow, thanks to their […]

Councillor Doug Judson is claiming victory after Monday night’s Committee of the Whole meeting, where council voted to accept the Integrity Commissioner’s report, but declined the recommended sanction of an admission of lapse of judgement and a public apology. But the 5-1 decision may not have been made freely. Although […]

October is a month of fleeting change, as we shift gears into winter. But not everything in October should be swept away with the falling leaves. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It often comes as a flurry of fundraisers, events and pink ribbons. But come November, breast cancer doesn’t […]