It’s safe to say the first time I went to Winter Meetings — yes, it’s capitalized — as baseball’s newsmaker that bridges the World Series and spring training, it was a far cry from next week’s annual gathering in Nashville. There was no mystery then about whether the Toronto Blue […]

While the name “winter” squash might hint at a frosty season, it’s actually autumn when these hearty vegetables shine their brightest. Beyond the classic pumpkin, a treasure trove of delectable options awaits your culinary exploration.Winter squashes are renowned for their ability to stay fresh for extended periods, thanks to their […]

By Frank Stronach
Special to the Times

Over the past month, small business owners have shared with me some of their personal stories and their frustrations. Far too many small businesses in Canada are struggling and a growing number are simply throwing in the towel and closing up shop. Why is that? Many of these small business […]

One of the best parts of my job in the fishing community is I get to meet a lot of people, many who share similar interests and many who are from all over the world. One of my fellow competitors on the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament circuit that I fish, […]

The Poinsettia is a true symbol of Christmas and each year many people can hardly wait to add one or more to their Christmas decor. Because they are only available to us in Canada at Christmas, you’ll want to maximize the amount of enjoyment you get from your Poinsettia. The […]

Surprise! I’m back. Seems there is just too much going on in the District to sit twiddling my thumbs and too many characters that deserve some attention. As I approach the 79th Anniversary of my trips around the sun I have joined a new club… The Egg Salad Sandwich Club. […]

It’s my dad’s birthday today. I write this for me, more than for you, so I apologize for my selfishness. He would be 104, born November 29, 1919. That number seems a ridiculous notion, because surely if he hasn’t aged, then neither have I. Where he is suspended in time, […]

During my trips to the grocery store I always see people stocking up on canned soups. Although I do realize that making a soup from scratch requires more effort that a few turns of a can opener, the rewards are much greater. Not only are you in control of your […]