In baseball, time has never mattered. You play until somebody wins, in two hours or six. Umpires call “Time!” only at a player’s request, if a bug gets in his eye or a pitcher gets under his skin. Well, “time” has changed. The clock will be ticking when major-league pitchers […]

If you’re a fan of bass tournament fishing then you probably don’t need any introduction to the Bassmaster Classic. The flagship event of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society takes place this week in Knoxville, Tennessee on the Tennessee River. 54 anglers have qualified for this event, where a $300,000 prize […]

I remember the voice of Walter Cronkite from the television, my dad in his green chair, his legs crossed leaving a triangle of space for me to snuggle into with the obligation of my silence while he watched the CBS Evening News. Mr. Cronkite delivered the evening news for nineteen […]

I am a fan of unexpected delight, the kind that makes me stop in my tracks, my mouth dropping open, my hand rushing to my chest to keep my heart from leaping out of it, and a laugh erupts, more than a giggle but not the extreme of a guffaw, […]