It is so great to see that houseplants are enjoying a renewed popularity. Our local suppliers have some really wonderful species to choose from. While many houseplants are purchased for their green foliage and not their flowering capabilities that doesn’t mean all of your indoor plants have to be non-flowering. […]

As the growing season comes to an end there are still many gardening tasks to carry out before the snow flies. Due to the unpredictable summer conditions we have faced, our lawns have taken a beating this past season, so a little fall preparation will get them up to snuff […]

I don’t know of one person who isn’t mesmerized when they see a hummingbird and you can increase visits from the petite bird by planting a few of their favourite sources of nectar in your yard. Hummingbirds use flower nectar as their food source and like butterflies and bees, they […]

Have you ever looked at the soil in your garden and considered it as anything more than soil? If not, you should – there is a lot more there than meets the eye. It performs many functions that you may not be aware of and having good quality soil in […]

Whenever I hear of or discover a great gardening tip I like to share it with my readers and you can be sure that I never provide a tip unless I have tried it first. 1. Two Crops – One Planting Sometimes you can get a second crop from some […]

Aphids are common pests to house plants, vegetables, annual and perennial flowers, ornamental trees and shrubs. They can often be found in the garden, on trees and shrubs and sometimes on houseplants. Look for aphids on susceptible plants in the late spring. If they are present they can often be […]