I was reading Maria Popova, my favourite blogger, who recently quoted Kahlil Gibran from his poem Youth and Age in which he writes – “The unfolding of life does more than fray our bodies with entropy, it softens our spirit, blunting the edge of vanity and broadening the aperture of […]

”Your car is filthy!” was the first thing Pickle said as we left the Bakery in Rainy River the other morning post caffeine and toast. The occasion was my eye exam that included pupil dilation which required I have a driver for the post exam trip unless I wanted to […]

This time of year has always been exciting for me. The cold weather has finally given up (mostly) and it’s just nice to be outside. There are some fishing options still available and if you’re like most of us, you can probably find a bunch of jobs to do around […]

It happened that I arrived in Montreal, my new home, eight games before the baseball season ended in 1972. That gave me an opportunity to witness two historic events at Jarry Park — Bill Stoneman’s second no-hitter and, more significantly, Jackie Robinson’s last visit to his adopted city. In both […]

Spring Fever Days takes place April 14 and 15. As always there promises to be something for everyone. Be sure to register for Emo Chamber Bucks – there’s a $1,000 worth of draws to be held this year. Draws take place Saturday at the Nestor Falls Marine Boat show at […]

I am pretty sure we will all agree that this weather is good for the soul! I find myself feeling guilty that I am not outside, but we are limited on what we can do right now. I am limited to making little drains with my boots hoping the water […]

I’m writing this on Easter Weekend. Traditionally a time of renewal in our society no matter your personal and political beliefs…. and there’s quite a variation in that area. Let’s look at a few of them across our continent. “The weather on Good Friday will be the forecast for the […]

I was listening to CBC Radio the other day, listening to the tale of the twenty-six letters that we now call our alphabet. The program was originally broadcast in 2007 and this was a re-broadcasting from And Sometimes Y with Russell Smith. The program was interesting for sure, with details […]