I remember the voice of Walter Cronkite from the television, my dad in his green chair, his legs crossed leaving a triangle of space for me to snuggle into with the obligation of my silence while he watched the CBS Evening News. Mr. Cronkite delivered the evening news for nineteen […]

I am a fan of unexpected delight, the kind that makes me stop in my tracks, my mouth dropping open, my hand rushing to my chest to keep my heart from leaping out of it, and a laugh erupts, more than a giggle but not the extreme of a guffaw, […]

Gordon Pinsent has died. We weren’t friends, I realize, and maybe you weren’t friends with him either, but he felt like family. He would have been that uncle who snuck candy to us when we were little and let us stay up late when he was in charge and wasn’t […]

Maple syrup season is underway here in Nova Scotia. The pails are hanging in the trees, the taps are drilled and for the serious maple syrup producers, the lines of hose are strung through the forest like a web, all relying on gravity on their way to the sugar shack. […]

I have felt certain about very few things, if any, in my life, and I saw this conundrum of mine as a personality flaw, in that my uncertainty made me malleable and wishy-washy, incapable of having a firm opinion on any subject, none of which seemed like good traits to […]

I’ve only just met William Kentridge, not in person, but on CBC Radio with Eleanor Wachtel’s Writers and Company. I listened spellbound to his insight, as he explained his artistic talent in humble terms. Such wisdom, I thought to myself, as I gave his age credit for amassing such an […]

I have long been a fan of Steve Hartman. He is an American broadcast journalist with some very special qualities. He has had a varied career but what I know and admire him for is a program he does with his young children Emmett and Meryl. Kindness 101 airs on […]

My research of Cree history, in search for understanding my great (x4) grandmother, recently brought me to a report published in 1999 – Kayasochi Kikawenow, Our Mother from Long Ago – written by Kevin Brownlee, an Aboriginal Archaeology Intern, and Dr. E Leigh Sims, Curator of Archaeology, both from the […]

I try, though not always with success, not to grumble about the growing limitations of aging. I can no longer snap the fingers of my left hand due to injury and arthritis. I can live with that and confess that no one is lining up to invite me to keep […]

I love doing laundry. That may qualify me for the list of “certifiably insane” but I’m willing to bet there are a few others like me. Folding clean laundry into crisp tidy piles gives me a sense of control over the madness of life, my thinking that if I can […]

My daughter and I spent the holiday break on her sofa; she crocheted while I knitted. The snow piled up, the rain fell, and the wind made a mess of the whole thing called winter while we wove stitch after stitch with a few “oops” and a recurrent “tsk tsk”. […]

I have never been much of a participant in the making of resolutions for a new year. December 31st has often carried the sense of an ending for me rather than a new beginning. This year the chatter has been of not bothering to make a list of goals but […]