We know that light is life. None of us would choose to live in total darkness except perhaps those rare varieties of creatures that dwell deep in the ocean, so deep we know little about them. The trees know better than anyone the life-giving force of sunlight. They, whoever “they” […]

My granddaughter and her mother went on an adventure with me not so long ago and we had a marvellous time. Nothing too exotic, merely a stay in a hotel with a swimming pool. You can’t have an adventure, not really, without supplies – aka candy. I was remembering Abby […]

By Wendi Stewart

I love listening to CBC Radio. For as long as I can remember my radio has been tuned to Radio One and, without fail, I learn something. I have my favourites, but Tom Power and his version of “Q” tops the list. I admire Tom’s interview style. He is always […]

I recently saw a photo from the 1950s of women engaged in grocery shopping, in which most of the women had curlers in their hair, held in place by a kerchief wrapping their head. We would innocently grimace at this sight now and for the last several decades, critically judging […]

Confession: I am sitting at my desk writing when only a week ago I was attended to by an ambulance and paramedics for the sudden onset of what the ER doctor diagnosed as pneumonia. I had no cough, no cold, no illness of any kind. I woke up at 2 […]

Have you heard of Swedish Death Cleaning? I’m probably late to the party as the concept has been around since 2017. When I first heard of it my response was: “yikes”. But it is a sensible idea, me thinks. In Sweden it is called döstädning, which translates simply from death […]

If you are a curler or a fan of curling you would have been tuned in to the 2024 Scotties Tournament of Hearts at the WinSport Event Centre in Calgary, Alberta this past week. Years ago, I got into a heated argument with someone as to whether curling could be […]

I recently listened to an archived interview of Eleanor Wachtel of CBC Radio speaking to Philip Roth, on an episode of Writers and Company that aired in 2009. I knew of Philip Roth, as his writing won just about every American literary award there is, including the Pulitzer Prize for […]

I’ve just come through another Atlantic winter storm. As storms go, it was manageable in my area, with no power outage and thus no slogging through deep snow to connect my generator. Other areas weren’t so lucky. I still managed to complain, inwardly of course, about my sore knee and […]

I was digging through my box of memories a couple of weeks ago, sifting through letters from friends, track and field ribbons from elementary school, a Christmas mug whose paint is all but worn off of Santa’s face which begs the question as to why I keep it, an autograph […]

In my research of the fur trade, I read observations recorded by European men writing for history’s sake, men like James Isham in the 1730s and Andrew Graham 30 years later. One thing caught my eye and stuck with me was the wolverine. The wolverine was clever, difficult to trap, […]