It was the Monday morning after the recent cattle sale with its record-setting prices. Ziggy was pulled up to the table looking his scruffiest. Pickle was no better wearing a pair of threadbare jeans with a non-functioning zipper and torn crotch. It nearly looked like he was trolling for companionship, […]

Mother’s Day is approaching, and it is not only a day to show respect to your mom, grandmother, and/or wife, but also to remember and reminisce. A couple of months ago my mom turned 87 years old. When she turned 80, we held a large birthday celebration for her, and […]

My relationship with no-hitters is, ah, unusual. I’ve seen five…four in doubleheaders. For one, I was late arriving and didn’t know it was a no-hitter until it was almost over. For another, I was on my vacation and wrote a story about it anyway. For another, I was a batboy. […]

One of the perks of getting to travel around the United States to compete in bass tournaments is that we get to visit many different parts of the country. All of the travel and time away from home is not glamorous at times, but we always try to enjoy ourselves […]

By Liz Adam
Life Coach

Last month’s column opened up the subject of dealing with regrets, which soon proved to be a wider topic than could fit through one column’s door. Regrets are heavy. Feeling guilt, shame, stress, remorse and frustration at ourselves over mistakes we’ve made can really weigh us down. Regrets get especially […]

Every May, I start rooting for a Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup for the first time in three decades…or lamenting that, once again, it’s not going to happen. And while both the Toronto Maple Leafs and Edmonton Oilers are still in the running, how I wish it were […]

The fourth stop of the Bassmaster Elite Series took place this past weekend in South Carolina at the Santee Cooper Lakes. In what was the second of back to back events, Santee Cooper fished tougher than expected. It was the third time in four years that we’ve visited this big […]

In our home, we record many of the home renovation shows popular on HGTV. It is like a catalogue that tempts you with current ideas and colours for furniture and walls. Living in our home for over 40 years, we have from time to time, changed many things. Our kitchen […]