I have never been much of a participant in the making of resolutions for a new year. December 31st has often carried the sense of an ending for me rather than a new beginning. This year the chatter has been of not bothering to make a list of goals but […]

Hockey celebrates its roots every January by playing outdoors — the Winter Classic with its numerous offspring — and by remembering great moments like the New Year’s Eve game (Montreal vs Red Army) in 1975. But what about celebrating Danny Gallivan? It was New Year’s Eve 1950 when hockey’s greatest […]

A few years ago I went into Lake of the Woods Sports Headquarters in Kenora to get a new power auger. The owner, Bryan Gustafson, is a good friend and I told him I wanted a four-stroke gas auger. He told me I should consider one of the new electric […]

During the open water season the most prominent date for most anglers every year is the third Saturday of May, marking the opening of a new walleye season. During the ice season, the January 1 Lake Trout opener is certainly the date that most anglers look forward to. Active under […]

I find myself whispering the words remember when during these dwindling days of December and every story is from Christmas moments of my childhood and of my children’s childhood. The stories warm me, melt the worrying, calm the anxiety, and quiet the longing. Memories are a bit like building a […]

Well, I was supposed to be in Guelph for Monday and Tuesday of this week and the more I thought about it the more it stressed me out. I would have had to leave Sunday and return Wednesday, and the truth is I am not ready for Christmas and the […]

Whether it’s a formal champagne event, or just a get-together with loved ones, tasty appetizers are a must for any successful holiday season party. In today’s market place, there are so many outlets for one to buy appetizers pre-made from the freezer section, but this eliminates all the fun and […]