In last week’s column I shared my thoughts on hitting the road to start my eleventh season fishing professionally in the U.S. It’s been a lot of fun and I consider myself lucky to get to do what I do. Getting to travel around to fish has given me the […]

Back in 2012 I had a friend from Minnesota who offered to help me out to sign up for some professional bass tournaments in the U.S. At the time, FLW had a four tournament series called the FLW Tour Opens and that’s what I signed up to fish. The four […]

One of the biggest hurdles with introducing kids to fishing is someone actually taking them out and teaching them about the sport. Unfortunately, if nobody takes them, kids simply won’t go fishing. The equipment is expensive, there is a lot to know and it can be overwhelming to try and […]

When I think about ice fishing, of course there are plenty of good memories of big fish, warm days on the ice and fun with friends and family. There have also been a good number of bad trips that remain memorable. Getting vehicles stuck, fishless trips, broken equipment and getting […]

One of my favourite lines to use when I’m speaking with outdoor writers or other anglers who are serious about their fishing is “I’m picky about my hooks”. The actual hook, considering the strength of the wire, the sharpness of the point and the shape. Regardless of the species that […]

A few years ago I went into Lake of the Woods Sports Headquarters in Kenora to get a new power auger. The owner, Bryan Gustafson, is a good friend and I told him I wanted a four-stroke gas auger. He told me I should consider one of the new electric […]

During the open water season the most prominent date for most anglers every year is the third Saturday of May, marking the opening of a new walleye season. During the ice season, the January 1 Lake Trout opener is certainly the date that most anglers look forward to. Active under […]

While I’m no saltwater expert, whenever I’ve been near the ocean I’ll usually try to get out for a day and if some fish are caught, great. There have been several trips in the past where I have been on a boat trolling for big fish but there has never […]

Of all the wildlife that we have in northwestern Ontario, moose are my favourite. These big mammals are fairly plentiful in the northern and eastern parts of the region and fewer animals excite people more when they get to catch a glimpse of them. If you enjoy hunting, you certainly […]

When I was younger I used to get so excited to get the ice fishing season started. Usually there was some new equipment to try and it had probably been a few weeks since I’d last been in a boat. Looking back, we probably didn’t make the best decisions to […]

If you like to hunt, then you are probably finding ways to stay busy during this freeze up period. I think it’s safe to say that we’re done with the boats now and for the most part, we don’t quite have safe ice yet to get out and drill some […]