Dear editor, God makes the sun rise and the sun set day in and day out, season after season. Earth and all the planets orbit the sun like clockwork. David Attenborough filmed life in the oceans and jungles and showed how everything there is, in all the universe, is in […]

Dear editor, In October Ignace municipal councilor Jodie Defeo will be attending a conference in Vienna Austria to do a presentation to the International Atomic Energy Agency. Her presentation will explain how the “deliberative democracy” process was employed to gauge the willingness of the community to accept and proceed with […]

The following is an open letter sent to David L. Cohen, Ambassador from the United States to Canada Embassy of the United States of America, from Thunder Bay-Rainy River MP Marcus Powlowski. Dear Ambassador, I am writing to follow up on the productive conversation we had in early June at […]

Dear editor, As we are now in the season of lawn maintenance and outdoor activities, I would like to remind everyone about the potential hazards associated with machinery such as lawn mowers, especially in the presence of children. I was only two when an accident forever altered the course of […]

Dear editor, After a recent visit to Fort Frances to help celebrate my dad’s 86th birthday, I was struck with how much Fort Frances has changed with regards to the friendliness and helpfulness from the locals. I was struck with how people are willing to help, and assist whenever they […]

Death struck deeply into those who waded ashore on June 6, 1944. Struggling to quickly move from their landing craft to the sand of Normandy beach. Burdened by the heavy weight of their equipment, and the sights and sounds around them. Before them lay a terrifying array of obstacles waiting […]

Dear editor, Jim Cumming dutifully reported our very uneventful Victoria day long weekend….the official opening of the walleye season when MANY PARTS OF CANADA… CELEBRATED WITH PARADES BLOCK PARTIES AND FIREWORKS. In his 21 June 2023 editorial he exalts our 1965 Flag’s STRENGTH AND POWER TO BE DIFFERENT. Princess Anne […]

Dear editor, Try to get David Kircher back on council. Please do not let Kaleb Firth on in his place. Remember what happened in Rainy River. Put it to a vote for people to vote who they want on council, please. Vicky Wishart

Dear editor, Jeers to the even and odd side parking, which typically was for snow removal days.Seeing none in summer, I suggest remove those offending signs in summer. Nelson Street has no parking on south side on even days. There are no houses from the Senior Centre way past Columbus […]

Dear editor, The G7 leaders – from USA, Germany, Japan, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Canada – will meet in Puglia, Italy, from June 13 to 15. By then, newspapers and media analysts will most likely again tell us they might not all get along on some major issues during […]

Dear editor, I’ve had access to local beef for as long as I can remember. My parents taught my siblings and I that our beef comes from our barn. Luckily, we have supplied many families throughout the district with locally grown beef. Along with many other local farms, who do […]

Dear Mr. Editor, On Tuesday of this past week Ignace a small community of around 1200 people cast votes to see if they would become the willing host community to all of Canada’s nuclear waste, an extremely toxic and dangerous material. So I don’t have the exact figure on how many […]