Dear editor, In the last year the Federal liberal government and Provincial conservative governments have announced hundreds of millions of dollars going to the auto sector and battery manufacturing for electric cars. On May 2, four weeks before a provincial election they jointly announced another billion dollar investment into retooling […]

Dear editor, With regards to the proposed Nuclear Waste Repository in the Ignace area, the Nuclear Waste Management had started our with many possibility’s for this repository in the granites in the Canadian Shield two of which they have already ruled out because the water out of the repository area […]

Dear Editor, A huge thank you to all the families who brought their children to the Rainy Lake Square to celebrate our annual Egg-stravaganza. The face painters and mascots brought many happy smiles. We were overwhelmed and blessed with the huge variety of donated prize baskets, bikes, and helmets from […]

Dear Editor: I am writing to you today so that my letter to Town Council may be read by the Public as it was not addressed during the April 11th meeting regarding the proposed zoning amendment of the lagoon property. I own the closest property to the proposed crypto-currency mining […]

Dear editor, I would like to express my concerns for the lack of recreational programs and amenities for families. Being a parent of two children under 5 there is not a lot of opportunities, especially during the past two years. So, when I find out that my child is waitlisted […]

Dear editor, We can not continue to build bridges, construct buildings, cut our forests and pollute our environment including light and noise pollution without first becoming aware of the environmental impact of the area we are destroying along the way. Alarmingly it has been reported that we have 3 billion […]

Dear editor: I am responding to the March 23 editorial by Jim Cumming about the lack of diversity and working-age representation on council. I appreciate Mr. Cumming’s insights on this topic, but I respectfully believe that he – like others – has missed the mark. Calls for increasing diversity on […]

Dear editor, We are never too old to learn. Has that ever hit home in the last few years for me. The term ‘Doctrine of Discovery’ was alien to me until I heard Mr. Robert Horton speak at the Metis Hall a couple years ago. It was so totally new […]

Dear editor, I would like to express my thanks to artist Eric Keast for wanting to install a public art piece in Fort Frances. Mr. Keast wrote to the TOFF in January requesting a letter of support so he could apply for funding to create and install a fish/fishing sculpture […]

Dear editor, I would like to voice my support for Councillor Judson’s proposals to remove barriers to joining Council. The permanent option to meet virtually and holding meetings outside of work hours are reasonable changes we can make so it is feasible for employed people and/or people with children to […]

Dear editor: On Monday, I brought forward proposals to improve diversity on Council in Fort Frances and remove barriers which prevent working-age people, low-income people, and Indigenous citizens from participating on Council. This is important in the lead-up to the municipal election. These proposals were rejected by all 6 other […]

Dear editor, I am very disappointed to read the comments and descriptions of Council from one of our team members following Monday evening’s meeting. Every member agreed with the concept of removing barriers for a more diverse Council. I have always included and promoted relationships with all people in our […]