One of the biggest complaints I hear about, regarding prepping fresh ingredients like garlic and onions, is how odours from these ingredients tend to linger on your hands afterwards. This can not only be annoying to yourself, but also could interfere in social interactions between you and others. Throughout my […]

This year is the 50th anniversary of the night Edmonton Eskimos’ head coach Ray Jauch evicted the media from the dressing room after his team had lost the Grey Cup. The room had been open to sports writers in search for words of wisdom from the combatants for maybe 10 […]

Everyone who gardens, enjoys receiving tips and tricks to make the job of gardening a little bit easier.  I offer these tips, all of which I use in my own garden with many being part of my regular practice. ·      Toads are a great form of natural pesticide. They love […]

The lake whitefish is one of the most common fish species across Northwest Ontario. Many of our lakes host them but they do a pretty good job at evading anglers. One of the most popular fish for commercial fisherman, whitefish are excellent eating. While they are more common to catch […]

The King and His Court: Eddie Feigner. The Clown Prince of Baseball: Max Patkin. Historically, everybody viewed such acts as sideshows to the real game — baseball. Dismissed as promotions to attract fans. Gimmicks to entertain them. Add-ons, in most cases, to the ball game they were really coming to […]

Over the past several years I have preached about using soft plastics for walleye fishing. Today, as live bait becomes more inconvenient (it still works great) because of regulations, it’s sometimes easier to just hit the lake with a handful of plastic baits and not have to worry about keeping […]

As I write this, the furnace kicked in. We should be wearing shorts and flip flops, not jeans, socks, and sweatshirts. Last week was a disaster. We ended up with 65.6 mm (2.6in) of rain at the Station and just a wee bit more at home. We are now double […]

The Emo Walleye Classic was once again a huge success. The fishing tournament held May 23-25 saw exciting weigh-ins and people enjoying the food, dance, penny tables and all the other favourite events that make up for this top notch tournament. Congratulations to the winning and all anglers. A big […]