Two ways to join, and newcomers welcome This year’s Christmas Bird Count will be held on Saturday, Dec. 18. The area covered is quite large, so more volunteers are needed to help spot birds. Anyone can help, even if you can’t identify birds, as you can be paired with an […]

I, along with many others these days, feel the burden of righting this ship we find ourselves on before we are completely blown off course. This time of year, during Advent or wherever our faith lies, we search for hope, we ache for peace, we yearn for joy, and we […]

I think I am finished with my outdoor light display. Of course, by the time I finished I already had a set of (new) lights not working. I was going to ignore but that lasted 5 minutes and out I went to take them down. I still need to make […]

Ricky Picard would’ve been 63. He was a goalie, playing Midget ‘B’ for a suburban Montreal team. On December 14, 1974, during a practice re-scheduled because a game was forfeited, a teammate fired a puck that deflected off Picard’s glove and struck him in the throat. He couldn’t breathe. “He […]

While I’m no saltwater expert, whenever I’ve been near the ocean I’ll usually try to get out for a day and if some fish are caught, great. There have been several trips in the past where I have been on a boat trolling for big fish but there has never […]

I ran away from home when I was eight. I am not sure of the reasons now, but undoubtedly, I felt hard done by, felt the weight of life’s injustice on my young shoulders. My siblings’ ice cream serving may have been larger than mine or I was sent to […]