Research station welcomes student

Well after a busy week last week I am finally able to tackle my income tax. Yes, I know I missed the deadline, but I couldn’t fit it in. It didn’t take me all that long to complete – the more time-consuming thing is verifying my spreadsheet numbers were all correct. It is now submitted, and I had to pay, and I have sent the $ as well. I will now have to file my HST and complete my Agristability form and those major things are taken care of for another year.

I had good travelling last week to and from Guelph. The weather in there was very similar to here, cloudy and damp. It looks like at the end of this month I will be heading to Calgary as I have been nominated to the Beef Cattle Research Council.

My summer student started this week. Tori Pollard has joined team OCRC – Emo. Tori is attending Lakeland College and had a really great year. I look forward to spending the summer with Tori. We are still looking to hire a student so please reach out if you know of someone looking for work.

I was invited to attend the Career Fair at the Rainy River High School last week. They had a wonderful event with great participation. Hats off to the organizers as so many young people really don’t have any ideas on what they want to do after high school, and they provided them with some excellent resources to get them thinking. Agriculture is a strong and growing industry in our District, and it does not mean just tending to animals for growing crops. There are many diverse ways a person can work in Ag and I believe in the next 10 years we are doing to see more opportunities open up in this field.

Saturday my mom and I moved the sheep / lambs out of the barn back into their area. It was nice to get them out of the barn. Then the work began. I shovelled about 75 wheelbarrow loads of manure out of the barn. This was not the first time I cleaned them since they went in the barn, but it was packed deep, wet, and heavy. I could barely walk when I was done but surprising I have got over that quickly. I convinced my mom that the lambs could be cut back to three bottles a day. They are a month old and eat and drink, so the milk isn’t their only food source.

I am feeling so bad for my cows and calves. The yard is a disgusting mess. I wake up and night stressing about it. I have to booster the calves this weekend, break them into breeding groups and move them to higher / somewhat dryer ground. It will not be easy to get them in the corral but it sure wouldn’t be easy if I moved them out and asked them to come back into the mess either. I have been trying to keep some dry spots for them to lay down but that isn’t easy. It is scary just feeding as you just hope that there is still some frost that the tractor will continue to move forward. This is my least favourite time of the year to be a farmer. I am really hoping we miss the rain they are calling for; it is amazing how much it dried from just having two decent days. The cows are not complaining and in fact some might like it! I think we are raising some of the hardiest calves even as they seen so many up and downs with our winter weather and not a big wet sloppy mess!