Almost everyone loves good Chinese take-out food, so in my most recent cookbook, Cooking Around the World with Chef Dez, I included a whole chapter on this. In that chapter you will learn how to make all your favourites at home, including this most popular recipe for Chicken Chop Suey. […]

There are people who feel that their food preferences or knowledge may not reflect what is correct or up to date in the culinary world. This is completely understandable as there is always an endless supply of information and techniques. This does not commensurate however that one should be ashamed, […]

A kedgeree is a popular curried rice dish in the UK and is classically made with smoked haddock and boiled eggs. In my recipe below, I have replaced the traditional rice, with cauliflower rice and used smoked salmon instead of the haddock. The result? Deliciousness! I, personally, am not a […]

My favourite breakfasts always include hash browns and eggs, and this recipe brings both together in a cute convenient presentation. This recipe is a perfect brunch item, or just something fun to bring together for the family on a Sunday morning. Because this recipe utilizes premade hash brown patties, a […]

Have you always wanted to make ramen at home but never had the time? Try my version of Ramen: tasty and beautifully displayed in a fraction of the time of a traditional Ramen recipe. Plus, I do a crispy fried egg, instead of the common soft-boiled egg. This recipe is […]

Whether it’s a formal champagne event, or just a get-together with loved ones, tasty appetizers are a must for any successful holiday season party. In today’s market place, there are so many outlets for one to buy appetizers pre-made from the freezer section, but this eliminates all the fun and […]

There are a lot of opinions out there about the chain restaurant called Olive Garden. Some love it, others hate it, and I am sure there are many in between those two extremes. One menu item I know is good, is their Zuppa Toscana. The name translates to ‘Tuscan Soup’ […]

I guess it goes without saying that I love to cook. For me, a perfect Sunday afternoon would be in the kitchen, with music playing, and having fun with ingredients. However, I do realize this passion is not shared by all. Whether you love cooking or not, it is a […]

Hard-nosed Chef Gordon Ramsey has enthralled many in his repeated seasons of TV’s reality show “Hell’s Kitchen”. Although his language is somewhat colourful, to say the least; the “F” word we should focus on in the kitchen is “Flavour”. Countless consumers have frequented restaurants and fall in love with tastes […]

Everyday we use our kitchen to prepare meals so it only makes sense that this area of your home should be functional and appealing if we expect to be successful. Is the environment welcoming? Do you enjoy the atmosphere of your kitchen? Let’s start by making some simple changes that […]