Walk into any tackle shop and you are barraged by the selection of scented soft plastics available to anglers today. Bright-coloured packages contain every shape and colour imaginable in scented varieties to replicate forage options for the fish we chase. Do these scented soft plastics help us catch more fish? […]

By Melanie Mathieson The Gardening Guru If you are looking for an evergreen tree to add beauty to your landscape, then consider a spruce. There are many spruce species that are well-suited for growing well and surviving the winters in our zone. Spruce trees should be planted in a full […]

Sometimes it is necessary to question the thinking of senior government. As the federal government seeks to eliminate thousands of jobs from departments across Canada, you must question how decisions were arrived at. It is especially true of border services. Similarly, in Ontario, we already have seen the announcement of […]

I would like to start off by thanking the hundreds—if not thousands—of people who submitted feedback on the provincial budget, whether by returning my “Riding Report” survey, sending letters and e-mails, or taking part in the Ontario NDP caucus’ survey. While I’m fully aware that we need to reduce spending, […]

This is what happens when we have summer-like weather in March–we pay for it with snow and miserable weather. Mind you, we only had a light dusting of snow at my place but Fort Frances saw a couple of inches. Nice to see the sun out again and I’m hoping […]

By Dan Falloon, Staff writer Hi there, Fort Frances Times readers. This is your new friendly, neighbourhood sports reporter, and I thought I should probably take the opportunity to introduce myself and what I’m all about since I expect we’ll be seeing a fair bit of each other. This past […]

By Mitch Calvert, Staff writer Who says politics and hockey don’t mix? Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, you would know that U.S. Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin—a self-described hockey mom—has been making regular references to the aforementioned “hockey mom” phrase, looking for an […]