Long list heading into Emo Fair week

It’s the Emo Fair week and I have such a big list, although I’m reminding myself that it is more important for Maddie and Marlee to have exhibits to display–not me.
They are crafting like crazy.
I’m sure every year we tell ourselves that we will try and not leave all this stuff until the last week. Yet here we are–leaving it to the last week again. We have until today (Wednesday) and that seems like a decent amount of time, but there is so much to do besides craft and make stuff.
Our cattle need to be walked daily and likely need another bath before they head to town.
Monday was 4-H clean-up so Maddie headed there with my mom. Then Monday night, we normally help set up the Farm Progress Building in the arena while on Tuesday, I was going to try to bake a few things (and they normally don’t turn out well).
Wednesday is the day we load up all the stuff for our barn display, and all my flowers and last-minute entries are put together. We set up all the displays and barns Wednesday night and all entries have to be in!
The stall display takes a bit of time to organize and make at home. I encourage everyone to walk through our barns as we have some very talented people and our barns get decorated beautifully.
It sounds like the alpacas are heading to the fair, as well. That will mean an extra trailer trip so food thing we are relatively close (I’m crossing my fingers my truck works.
It has been giving me some trouble this summer but we think it is back to normal. One of my biggest worries is having troubles with a load of cows.
We only can hope this extreme heat lets up a bit–for both man and beast!
I really would like us to consider moving our fair date back a month. I think September would be better for all of us! I realize some kids might be away at university but I would like to do a survey and see what others think of this. I could just tick everyone off. . . .
I know Temiskaming District always had its fair on the third week of August like us, but they have moved until the middle of September and said it was a good move for them. It never hurts to ask the question, anyway!
I hope you will take the time and come to the Fair and check things out. Many people work very hard to make this event happen. I hope the tradition continues as it always has been such a huge highlight for my family.
It makes me so proud to see Maddie and Marlee going through the prize book figuring out what they can enter. We just need to start doing that sooner than we are doing now.
• • •
So we are going to go from one crazy weekend to another because our first fall cattle sale is set for Saturday, Aug. 25. Since we all are tied up with the fair, we are going to have an evening work bee next Tuesday (Aug. 21) at 6 p.m. at the sales barn.
I’m a bit nervous since we have some work to do in our office and I really will not be able to get there until Tuesday night.
If you have cattle to enter or would like to work, give James a call at 271-2005 (keeping in mind he is the president of the Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society so he will have a busy week ahead of him).
• • •
If you were driving by the Emo Agricultural Research Station, you might have noticed that we already have been able to combine a few trials. We are surprised since we planted a bit later but things are drying up so quickly.
We thought we might be able to get a big oat trial done on Friday before I left for a week but it wasn’t quite ready to go. Even still, it will make for a little less stress after the fair and into the cattle sale week.
• • •
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the fair! I hope you all will take the time to check out our 4-H kids and all their projects!
As well, bring a toonie to guess the weight and to buy a “Catch the Ace” raffle ticket.