First cut of haying done

It was celebration time at my place on Saturday night! After a hard day of work, we finished our first cut of haying! It was a good feeling.
We had both the square baler and round baler going. It was just like the good old days when we hayed all day and had a later supper. Great feeling.
Maddie, Marlee and McKenzie (Maddie’s friend) helped me in the hay mow and experienced a good workout.
The girls were happy we were finished with the hay but more because we could now concentrate on getting our animals ready for the fair.
The girls have been working with their yearling heifers all summer, but they had to go out and pick out a calf to take to the fair. Marlee had made her mind up weeks ago that she was taking her two-year-old cow with her steer calf.
I tried to convince her to take a cow with a heifer calf and that way the heifer would already be trained for next summer. There was no changing Marlee’s mind.
Maddie settled on a beautiful heifer calf but for the first time she chose a red angus heifer (she normally falls towards the Herefords).
We tied them up and we hope by the weekend we will be able to walk them around. I was hoping we would have time to get some of the animals clipped over the weekend, but we just didn’t have the time.
We will work on that throughout the week now that they are all in the “fair pen!”
• • •
A big “thank you” to all that took the time out to attend our soil and crop tour and open house last week.
Bruce Nielson drove the school bus with attendee’s around to our locations.
Please consider attending this event next year. It is so great to see all that is going on in our district! It is well worth the time.
Our hosts, John and Jacob Gerber, Annie and Jan Vanrozen, Larry Lamb, Peter Gerber and Delton Martin of the Rainy River Community Pasture displayed some excellence in agriculture right here at home.
A very special thank you to the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario-Rainy River District Organization for sponsoring our lunch!
It was a very nice treat and our lunch location at the Vanrozen’s green houses was simply perfect.
Thank you to those who attending our open house that evening. We haven’t had rain for a month but of course it had to rain that evening, and because it was cooler it wasn’t all that fun to be outside.
Thanks to Christine O’Reilly the forage and grazing specialist with OMAFRA for taking some time to talk to those who attended.
I was very excited that we had director of research management Remo Pallettoni from the University of Guelph as a special quest. He makes decisions on purchasing and facilities, etc.
If you were unable to attend or attended and would like to see more on a better day, please come again!
• • •
This week I am hosting Jamie O’Shea from Grand Valley Fortifiers.
Jamie is a beef and ruminant specialist and a farmer. He has a passion for Hereford cattle so I am hoping to get him around to see some of our great Hereford cattle in the district.
As well, he would like to make a small presentation to those that are interested in talking about feeds, mineral etc. today (Aug. 1) at 7 p.m. at the Emo Agricultural Research Station.
Everyone is welcome!