You are the perfect age right now

“I am the perfect age right now. I have been younger and I will be older. I will never be this age again, so I make the most of this time and enjoy myself to the fullest.”
That was the affirmation on last Tuesday’s calendar. And it’s true!
I was younger for many years. I was younger when I went to a country school and when I had to go to work at 8 o’clock every day. And when my father and mother died—28 years apart.
I was younger when I had a large dog named Tiny to take care of me and when my children were toddlers. I also was younger playing Mah Jong last week.
And I will be older tomorrow . . . and for that matter, for all of my tomorrows.
I’ll be older when I meet new friends and when I publish a book of my columns. I’ll be older when I have a gentle Newfoundland dog named Boatswain to take care of me.
I’ll even be older tomorrow night when our family will have supper together, followed by games.
But I’ll never have a day like this one.
A healthy, happy day that began with strength training exercises and water aerobics, followed by a soothing hot shower. A day with a beautiful red cardinal perched on snow-covered branches outside my office window.
A day when I hurriedly went to a 10:30 a.m. hair appointment without checking my calendar—only to find my appointment was scheduled for 11:30. Which led to a fun hour of tea and breakfast rolls at my son’s studio while waiting.
That’s the way life is—full of scheduled and planned activities, as well as unscheduled synchronicities. Both add to the beauty of a perfect day.
It’s important to have a plan for your day, especially in retirement. But when a friend comes to the door while you’re vacuuming, make a pot of tea, sit down, and enjoy the conversation.
Take time to enjoy the gold finches as they munch on your bird feeder and the cedar waxwings eating your juniper berries. And when snow falls, take your dog for a romp and make yourself a snowman.
Celebrate every moment—whether planned or spontaneous. And live each day knowing that today you are the perfect age.
“Age is very mysterious because the essence of the human being—the soul—actually never ages. It’s only the outer covering of the individual that changes,” said renowned artist Beatrice Wood in “The Ageless Spirit,” a book of essays edited by Phillip Berman and Connie Goldman.
“I know I’m 90 because people tell me I’m 90. Inwardly, I just laugh because, inwardly I’m not in my 90s. I’m still 16 or 17,” said Wood.
“I love getting in bed at night under the warmth of the electric blanket. I love looking at the mountains. And on a cold day, I love getting into the hot tub. I think these are my greatest pleasures.”
Whatever her age, Beatrice Wood lived each day to the fullest.
Follow her lead and enjoy yourself fully today. For, even though you have been younger and someday you will be older, today you are the perfect age.
Marie Snider is an award-winning health care writer and syndicated columnist. Write her at or visit

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