Town creates neighbourhood ‘safari’ event for children

The Associated Press

LEXINGTON, Ky.–A Kentucky town launched a neighbourhood “safari” for children during the coronavirus pandemic by displaying stuffed animals in the windows of their homes.
The “Cumberland Hill Zoo Walk” was kicked off Sunday morning in Lexington after 60 houses in the community signed up, WKYT-TV reported.
“I have challenged kids to have a zoologist notebook and then go around and record the animal sightings,” said Marian Guinn, the organizer of the zoo walk.
Throughout the week, families in the Cumberland Hill neighbourhood will look for animals and submit their findings for a chance to win different prizes.
Events like these have been a way for the community to step up and try to help each other through unusual times while also following official guidelines, Guinn said.
The community will “make these days be the best they can be,” she said.