Stinky shoppers unoffended even after store bans them

The Associated Press

GREENWOOD, Miss.–You stink, stay out!
That’s the message from one Mississippi Delta convenience store to workers at a neighbouring soybean oil mill.
The Greenwood Commonwealth reports the convenience store has a sign on its door stating “Notice: Bad Smelling Oil Mill People Please Do Not Enter.”
Anurag Randive, who manages the Greenwood store, says the sign was posted about three months ago after customers complained about the odor of employees from the Express Grain oil mill across the street.
He says he’s prevented some odorous workers from entering.
Randive says he hasn’t received any complaints.
Express Grain workers continue shopping at the store.
Employee Michael Blount says workers who labour in the pits filled with stinking rotten soybeans send less-smelly coworkers inside to buy snacks.
Blount says, “We know we stink.”