Car surfer has charge dropped

The Associated Press

NASHVILLE–A man accused of riding for 20 miles (32 kilometres) atop a car that sped down a Tennessee interstate has had one of his charges dropped.
Ronnie Sellars, 31, no longer faces a “clinging to a vehicle” charge in Wilson County, but disorderly conduct charges are still pending in neighbouring Davidson County, The Tennessean reported this week.
The district attorney’s office said Judge Haywood Barry ruled that the language of the law doesn’t match what Sellars was accused of doing.
Sellars was arrested in September after a joyride during which witnesses recorded him sitting, lying, smiling and waving from atop a four-door sedan.
Sellars told the newspaper he stood up for part of the ride from Mt. Juliet to Nashville, and it felt like being on a surfboard going 80 mph (129 kph).
Sellars said he thinks the courts should “put their attention on other things.”