Working smoke alarms save lives

Tyler Moffitt
Submitted by
Fire Chief/CEMC

The year-end provincial statistics for fire fatalities are in–and the number of fire deaths in Ontario is extremely heartbreaking.
Sadly, 101 people lost their lives to fire; many of these deaths involved children … so many years of potential life lost!
As well, many of these deaths were completely preventable.
Meanwhile, an individual from our community recently told me something that sent shivers up my spine.
They went and checked all their smoke alarms throughout the home–and all six were not working!
The Fire & Rescue Service is committed to the protection of lives, property, the environment, and the economy in Fort Frances.
But we need everyone’s help in taking the responsibility to be accountable, as well as to embrace the importance of safety and fire safe behaviors.
Help us protect you and your family . . . check all your smoke alarms today.
Working smoke alarms save lives! Test them monthly!