Working for a fairer, richer, greener Canada

I’ve been meeting with many constituents over the past number of weeks. One common thread unites each concern that is brought forward, a desire for change and for growth for our communities.
Canadians want their elected representatives to do the business of government in a respectful manner, in which good policy and good ideas make for good politics. Good policy should translate into real solutions and opportunities for their day-to-day lives.
They are discouraged on one front by this government that spends less time governing and more time struggling to mask its deficiencies. You have all witnessed how disrespectful this Prime Minister is of our Parliament.
At the same time, Canadians recognize that the NDP are trying to mislead them. The NDP have chosen to to spend public funds to belittle the reputations of other MPs. This is a bid to cover up the fact that they have no realistic plans of their own for Canada.
Constituents are asking when the games will stop. “When will the Government do something effective about climate change?” “When does government take proactive steps to encourage innovation and support business development?” “How long will it take until progressive tax cuts are in place to support working families and rural Canadians?”
People are distressed by reports of Conservative economic mismanagement, and disillusioned by the perpetual mudslinging of the NDP.
My constituents have ideas. Imagine if we had a government that would give us broad-based tax cuts to increase cash flow and help consumer spending in troubled times, they say.
Imagine if we had a government who would provide substantial direct financial help for families to offset increasing energy costs.
Imagine money for homeowners to retrofit their houses, help to buy hybrid cars and energy-saving appliances, and for citizens to generate their own power—not just to get off the grid, but to feed it.
Imagine if we had a government that would deepen tax incentives to get businesses investing in green technologies and innovation and that would lower taxes, making Canada far more competitive for global investment.
Imagine a government that recognized that the greatest numbers of new jobs come from start-ups and small-scale expansions, and would cut small business taxes accordingly.
Imagine if government would recognize the unique challenges of rural, agricultural, and northern communities, and implemented programs which brought new opportunities to these Canadians.
This is kind of government my constituents want. The other parties have been relying on personal attacks to justify themselves.
The fact is that the government we’ve imagined would be a new Liberal government, with a promise of a fairer, richer, greener Canada.

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