Work begins on my pension bill

This week in Ottawa promises to be a very important one—and one that I’ve been looking forward since the evening of Wednesday, May 26.
On that evening, my private member’s bill (C-501) survived its first test in the House of Commons with flying colours, passing by a margin of 144-111.
It then was sent to the Industry committee for debate, testimony from experts, citizens, and other stakeholders, and to make any necessary amendments.
The Industry committee began this important work on Bill C-501 yesterday (Nov. 16), with four meetings set aside over the next two weeks.
During that time, we will be hearing from experts, stakeholders, and pensioners from all across the country. They will testify about how important this legislation is and why we need to move ahead with it now.
As the member who brought this bill forward, I was the first to testify before the committee yesterday.
I’ve already had some good discussions with my colleagues, and I’m also looking forward to working with my colleagues on the Industry committee to move this bill closer to becoming law.
This week I also wanted to give everyone a kind reminder about the riding calendar photo contest that’s currently underway. I’ve received a great response so far from all across the riding and I want to thank those who have submitted photos.
In an effort to allow for more people to have a chance to take part, I have extended the deadline for entries to Friday, Nov. 26.
Only digital or scanned photos will be eligible for the competition this year. With the help of my staff, I will select 12 or more winning photos to be included in the 2011 calendar.
The contest is open to all residents of the Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding.
All photos must be submitted electronically to in JPEG, TIF, PNG, or GIF formats.
The higher the quality the picture, the better, but two Megapixels must be the minimum acceptable size due to the need to print the photos on paper.
Winning photos will be judged primarily on composition, but winning selections will come from all areas of the riding and extra consideration may be given to submissions from small or remote communities.
All entries will remain the property of the photographer, but by submitting their photo(s), the photographer gives my office and I the right to use and distribute it externally with photo credit being given to the owner.
My staff and I look forward to seeing your submissions and putting together another memorable edition of our constituency calendar.
So please do send your photos–old or new–to my office so we can build the best calendar possible for 2011-12.

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