Work bee coming up at sales barn

The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association is planning a work bee/fun day at the sales barn in Stratton on Saturday, June 4 starting at 9 a.m.
We are hoping to get a few jobs finished up, including some welding and moving in a Seacan to use for storage of our older files.
If you are ready, willing, and able, please join us. “Susie-Q” is in charge of lunch, so it will be worth your while to come just for that!
• • •
The Rainy River 4-H is busy preparing for the Emo Walleye Classic as once again we will be preparing and serving the prime rib supper this Saturday (May 28) starting at 5 p.m.
We only sell 300 tickets so be sure to get yours early.
We are lucky to have “Susie-Q” in charge of this event, as well, so you can be sure you will get a great home-cooked meal.
• • •
I made it down to the Stratton fishing tournament once again. Despite the weather not co-operating and some difficult times for Stratton, it once again was very successful.
It is nice to see the community come together every year for some good food and fellowship.
Meanwhile, if you’ve never taken the time to visit the Morley Park, you should put that on your list. It is a beautiful park that’s well worth visiting.
• • •
I had jammed my weekend full with a big list of things to do, with fencing and yard work topping the list.
My boyfriend/partner left me his four-wheeler to check some fence lines. That should have made things faster for me, but I wasn’t long into fence checking and I had the four-wheeler stuck!
It was a great day for a walk anyway, but was feeling a bit stressed about leaving it in the swamp (at least I didn’t have to worry about anyone taking it).
Once he returned home, we went to rescue it. Fortunately, it wasn’t that difficult to get out with the winch.
I was feeling bad about getting stuck (especially since if I had just went a little to the left, it was much less swampy). But he told me that my almost “step-son” has had it in much deeper mud!
On the bright side, the fences seemed to be in better shape than last year and I’m thinking it was because we had so darn much snow that the deer didn’t have as much jumping to do.
• • •
I’m planning to keep my cows in the yard for another week– they anxiously are waiting to leave!
For the first time in many years, I don’t have my phoebe bird nesting in my trailer. I can’t even hear her in my yard.
I was thinking that she might have been old and passed away. And if any of her off-spring were around, they likely won’t build in the cattle trailer because they were the poor little birds that had to do all the riding in the bumpy trailer!
• • •
Needless to say, I didn’t get much yard work done as it was wet. And it seemed every time I was on the lawn mower, it would rain or drizzle.
The grass is growing fast and it is hard to keep up with it, especially when the weather doesn’t co-operate on the weekends to cut it!
I have a farm tour on June 1 so I’m trying to get things cleaned up and flowers planted, but it always seems when you have a deadline, things are harder to accomplish!
• • •
We rushed up to Fort Frances on Friday to see Maddie and Marlee in their dance recital. There were many talented dancers and it was nice performance.
The girls seem to think they are finished dancing, and Marlee has been telling us she’s going to play hockey now (not sure who will be happier about that, Daddy or Grandpa!)
• • •
If anyone would like any red pine or white spruce seedlings, please let me know ASAP. We still have plenty at the research station and they should be planted as soon as possible!

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