Women’s symposium likely a go


After taking a break from the event this year, it’s likely the Women’s Health Symposium will go again in 2010 as organizers begin meeting and planning the popular event.
“We still had some money left so we decided to forge ahead and do it another year,” said Linda Hamilton, who is spearheading the symposium along with Jan Beazley.
The Women’s Health Symposium, which ran from 2006-08, offers a wide variety of information, displays, and interactive activities for women of all ages to enjoy.
The theme for 2010 will be “Diversity–Acknowledge, Embrace and Celebrate,” with organizers looking at May 8 as the date for the symposium.
“It will be all about celebrating our differences, whether it’s our age, size, colour, or orientation,” Hamilton explained, adding there are also people from many different cultures who reside in Rainy River District.
“We’re just getting started and beginning to come up with ideas,” Hamilton noted, adding, as in past years, they will have several guest speakers and are looking for people who could talk about diversity.
Hamilton said the committee organizing the Women’s Health Symposium also is looking for new members, as well as a chairperson to move forward with the event.
“We will need a core group of 10-12 people to make this a go and ensure that it is not too onerous for any one individual,” added Beazley.
“We’d just like people to start thinking about it and if anyone has any grand ideas, it would be great if they’d come forward now that we know what the theme is,” Hamilton said.
Those interested in joining the committee are asked to attend its next meeting Nov. 25 at 4:30 p.m. at 334 Scott St.