Woman with district links wins award

Liana Hyatt Frenette of Thunder Bay recently won the Business Woman of Northern Ontario award for her business (Thunder Bay Testing Engineering) and her community work in the city.
She has coached soccer, taught safety courses, and was on the workplace safety board in Thunder Bay, as well as operating her own business.
Her husband, Rob Frenette, is the engineer for the business.
Liana’s parents are Carol and Mark Hyatt of Barwick while his mother is Edwina Frenette of Fort Frances.
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My son, Jay, and his daughter, Candice, en route back from Toronto to Sudbury after looking at purchasing a car, stopped at a Tim Hortons outlet for lunch.
He noticed a lady sitting in a booth that was familiar to him. Before leaving, he went over to her and asked if she was Laurie Clink. The reply was “Yes,” and then she said, “You must be Jay Guba.”
We still can say this is a small world.
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Cribbage winners at the Emo Legion on May 29 were Darlyne Bruce and Jerry Allan (high), with consolations to Nicole Drennan and Marg Ramsdale.
Rudy Meyers won the door prize.
Winners last Wednesday (June 2) were Gerald and Loraine Bullied (high), with consolations Jan Hyatt and Renee Kivell. 23-hand winners were Agnes Waldock and Jane Allan.
Darlyne Bruce won the door prize.
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Pastor Les Abbott and son were my coffee guests at Cloverleaf ShopEasy this past week. They had a dentist appointment here and therefore had some time to kill.
Les is pastor at the Barwick Community Church.

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