Winter weather simply ridiculous

This winter weather is simply ridiculous. I (likely along with many others) have so much to do—and most of it is relying on some good weather.
I hope to get my plots cleaned off at the agricultural research station this week. I had spread my fall fertilizer last week, but I darn near froze. It feels more like November to me.
I think we should mark down 2009 as a miserable year (at least when it comes to the weather).
I’ve encountered a few skunks during this wintery weather, as well, but nothing as severe as my horse, Alex. He got up close and personal with a skunk and is not that pleasant to be around now.
• • •
My boyfriend/partner ended up spending the week in the hospital on I.V. antibiotics. His hand is still swollen, but he’s now just taking oral medication.
He’s getting a bit cranky about being not being able to do much. We’re both hoping he will be able to go hunting this weekend.
While he was in the hospital, we had a chance to visit Carson McQuaker, who broke his hip in September. Carson is 89 years young and it is his first time in the hospital.
The cattle sale held back on Oct. 2 was the first one Carson missed in 50 years.
We wish him well and hope he can get back home very soon.
• • •
I finished my wedding season over the weekend (I had seven wedding this year).
Sherri (Teeple) and Geoff Potter were married earlier in September, but a reception was held here over the weekend.
Sherri and Geoff live in Calgary, and we wish the couple many happy years—and lots of visits back to Rainy River District!
• • •
All my calves are weaned now. I am very behind in my book work but I was glancing at my weaning weights over the weekend and Madison picked the top calf.
Darma weaned at 855 pounds and beat all the others (including all the steers).
Maddie may have a keen eye for cattle. In fact, her keen eye noticed that another heifer was missing.
I told her the truth that we had to sell her because it is not possible to keep all of them. She was a bit ticked at first, but I think she got over it.
I’ve decided to be as honest with her as I was told a few stories when I was a kid about who we were eating for dinner, etc. and I was very bitter about it!
• • •
I’ve heard a few complaints about people losing tags out of their cattle’s ears. There is one main thing you need to remember—be sure to use the proper tagger.
Even though it looks like the tag fits, if it is not the proper tagger, the tags are not crimping properly and they will fall out.
• • •
We lost a good man over the weekend with the passing of Sid Irvine, who had the warmest, kindest smile around.
Sid was always fun to be around. He had the neatest stories and adventures he liked to share. In fact, his daughter (and my best friend) has documented his neat little verses/sayings over the years so she would be able to treasure them forever.
He will be greatly missed, and I hope his family finds comfort in knowing what a great treasure Sid was to all of us.

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