Will they make it home for Christmas?

Parents are getting ready to welcome their students home, but they also are watching and worrying about the weather. And the anxiety is building, “Will they get home for Christmas?”
This past weekend brought our first big snowfall of the year. Bing Crosby may have crooned, “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas,” but I suspect more than one family has begun watching the weather and cringing with the call for snow and freezing rain.
We all really enjoy the white stuff that falls softly to the ground, but we like our snow to come without rain.
Parents who sent their children off to schools across the province and country earlier this fall are making sure everything is ready for their return. And others are waiting in anticipation of the arrival of their grandchildren, beginning this weekend.
I know that in our house, we are anxious to have our sons home. Both boys have been gone since August and, as a father, I can admit that I miss their teasing and their noise around the house.
They will be arriving home, along with many of their high school friends. The tickets home have been booked almost from the day they left for school.
We are getting ready for their arrival. Marnie has restored Adam’s room back to a bedroom. She also has been baking for two weeks and checking with the boys to make sure all of their favourite cookies and squares can be found in the house for the Christmas season.
We’re ready.
And yes, we’re watching the weather. The snow over the weekend was quite all right. It cleaned up the yard. And throughout the community, there is a growing Christmas spirit and excitement.
It came at the right time.
We don’t usually look forward to snow and rain in December. That mixture makes everyone uneasy. Anyone who will be driving to Thunder Bay or Winnipeg this weekend to pick up their students don’t want to face snowy, ice-covered highways.
And for those children flying into local airports, the last thing they want to hear is that the flight has been cancelled due to freezing rain. Then real homecoming panic sets in.
It is one more stress we would all rather live without.

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