Widespread support for pink ribbon campaign

A report published in 2000 found that more than two-thirds of women would purchase a product where proceeds would be put toward a cure for cancer.
Pink ribbons sprout up across North America announcing that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
In our community, the CIBC held a successful “Run for a Cure” and many of those running wore T-shirts with pink silk-screened ribbons.
Other businesses in the community also are doing their share to raise awareness of breast cancer. For the second year in a row, Ed Kaun and Sons, with Benjamin Moore Paints, is promoting “Decorate for a Cure.”
Serta Mattress, through Home Suite Home here, also has a marketing program to sell mattresses and contribute to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.
Both Energy Fitness Centre and Curves have their program for helping fight breast cancer.
Celeste’s, too, is donating $5 from every colour perm or hi-lite that they perform in October for their clients. Other businesses across the district also are contributing to the pink ribbon campaign.
The funds go toward a great cause. They focus on a woman’s disease. And when we make that donation, we feel good about ourselves knowing that our small contribution will be going to help moms, aunts, grandmothers, and sisters.
This often is called social marketing.
Great sums of money have been spent on finding ways for consumers to spend money. And from that knowledge, marketers today have been able to tap into the social conscience of consumers to purchase products.
In some cases, it means we will buy products that are more environmentally friendly. In other cases, we will make decisions about what we eat to protect our health.
In October, breast cancer awareness is front and centre. And the organizations have learned that in partnering with local trusted retailers, they can deliver their message to more women than ever—and women in the communities will find additional funds to help in breast cancer research.
It is a strong bond—one that helps the local retailer and one that helps fund research for a cure for breast cancer.

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