Why not make your dream come true?

Being the oldest child, Floyd followed his mother around even as a toddler. He loved to help his mother with her big garden, planting the tiny seeds and tending delicate seedlings.
But, unfortunately, there was never enough water during the Dust Bowl. So Floyd always saw his mother’s beautiful garden wilt and die in the 100 degree summer.
Floyd built little sun shades for the tomatoes, but it didn’t help.
Right then and there, Floyd decided that when he grew up, he would plant a big, wonderful garden. And he dreamed of having enough water to make his garden thrive.
That was 70 years ago. And Floyd still has the same dream. But the difference is he has made the dream come true.
Floyd is a Master Gardener, and he has lots of water now. His yard boasts apple trees, pear and peach trees, a grape arbor, and every kind of vegetable.
Each year, Floyd plants something new. This year, it was stevia—an herb that is used as a sweetener. Last year, it was celery, which is not usually grown in Kansas.
The year before that, it was leeks.
He grows most of his family’s food—canning and freezing for the winter. But that isn’t all the gardening he does.
Down the street from Floyd’s home is Kauffman Museum, a Kansas natural and historical museum. By the museum is a historic farmstead, including a house, a barn, and a windmill.
At the farmstead, Floyd maintains a heritage garden with 45 different heirloom vegetables.
All of the produce from Floyd’s heritage garden, as well as surplus from his home garden, is sold at the museum shop. Last summer, his produce netted more than $600, which was given as a contribution to the museum.
Floyd knew what his passion was and he made his dream come true.
Marcia Wieder, in her book “Making Your Dreams Come True,” said that in order to make a dream come true, you have to have a dream! And a dream begins with an inner passion.
It may be a new passion or an old passion. You may want to write a book or plant a garden. You may want to build a model ship or restore an old car. You may want to travel to Antarctica or build a new deck.
You may want to take a painting class.
Whatever your passion is, it can become a dream. A dream that you can make happen if you get rid of whatever is standing between you and your dream.
Usually, the most important obstacle is your self-limiting beliefs.
So take a look at what beliefs might be holding you back. Do you think that you are too old to do your dream? Or too stiff? Do you think you don’t have talent? Or money enough? Is it too much work? Or are you afraid that you will fail?
Whatever is in your way, change your beliefs and get started on your dream. Take one small step today.
Plow up a garden. Order a catalogue. Write the first page. Enroll in a class. Call a travel agent. Whatever you do, get started immediately. Then just keep taking one small step each day.
And don’t ever give up on your dreams because of your age.
Marie Snider is an award-winning health care writer and syndicated columnist. Write her at thisside60@aol.com or visit www.visit-snider.com

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