Who do we blame?

“Blame Canada, blame Canada
We need to form a full assault
It’s Canada’s Fault”
(Performed by South Park)

As Canadians, we blame Toronto. If any problem exists in the country, it’s Toronto’s fault.
And we are ready to assault Toronto.
Bill Murdoch, the MPP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound often known as a wild card by the other political parties and a “maverick Conservative” within his own, called for turning Toronto into a separate province at a Bruce County Federation of Agriculture round-table discussion just over a week ago.
He blamed the problems from the “mentality that is coming out of Toronto.”
His solution was for the rest of the province to divorce itself from Toronto. And with that solution, rural Ontario’s agenda once again would be forefront of the legislature.
Murdoch only wants to get rid of Toronto. He still desires that the 905 calling area remain in the new Ontario province.
Political columnists in Toronto jumped on the remarks and wondered how quickly they could make Murdoch’s dream a reality.
We often jest that “Toronto is the centre of the universe,” and that not only Ontario but the rest of Canada revolves around it. Everyone seems to need a “whipping person” and Toronto is Canada’s.
Often, the issues that bother the rest of Ontario are urban versus rural ones.
Murdoch, for instance, was complaining that Toronto was not reacting to the growing coyote problem in his neck of the woods.
I suppose we could blame the growing Fort Frances deer population on Toronto, as well, and assign the province the responsibility to do something about it.
Bear problems in the northwest can be blamed on Toronto legislation.
But if we can’t blame Toronto, we can find someone to blame for things we don’t like. When Rainy Lake is low or high because of either a lack of moisture or too much, we blame the province for not anticipating the annual changes in precipitation and reacting accordingly.
It’s easier.
If the weatherman calls for rain, it is his fault when it rains. If the weather turns cold, it’s the weatherman’s fault. And should the weatherman call for rain, and it fails to happen, it’s his fault.
Wolf problems today can be blamed on poor deer herd management by Toronto legislation.
In the paper industry, we want to blame the legislature in Toronto for the decline in the number of paper mills in Northern Ontario on government hydro rates, not on the fact that North Americans are buying and using less paper.
If I go fishing and fail to catch a fish, do I blame it on my poor fishing ability, or blame the fish for outsmarting me? Most will blame the fish for having lock-jaw.
Do I blame the government for the crop of golden dandelions that will grace my yard this year?
And if my grass grows too quickly, do I curse the cool mornings and warm afternoons that make ideal grass-growing conditions? Or do I blame myself for fertilizing the lawn diligently year-round?
You be the judge.

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