What is 60 a milestone for?

My birthday announcement appeared in last Wednesday’s paper. It noted that I wasn’t acting my age.
I like to fish, and my partner, John Maffei, and I had a ball roaring across the lake in his bass boat with the throttle pushed all the way down and the motor guzzling gas like a binge drinker.
While the gas gauge was visibly seen dropping every mile that we headed north, one would not have mistaken us for two fifty something fishermen having the time of our life.
Two brothers, Randy and Brian Amenrude, whose combined years already reach into 14 decades would not be any other place in North America than in Fort Frances for the bass tournament.
I’ll admit that when Saturday night rolled around, bedtime at 10 o’clock seemed the appropriate hour. The one thing that I have finally learned is that I can’t rise at five and still be functional and understood at midnight. By then, I am a bumbling fool.
And to try and do that for three consecutive days is way beyond my youthful talents.
Marie Snider writes “This Side of 60” in our paper, and for her, life really began after retiring from teaching at the age of 60. She has replenished her “Bucket List” so many times since she passed that milestone that her family wonders how she does it.
If 60 is a milestone, as so many of my family and friends have determined, what is it a milestone for?
Is it a signal to slow down or the signal to put “pedal to the metal” and do twice as many things in the next decade that I did in the previous.
Is it the signal that I should begin learning all the things that I really thought were not that important in my last fifty years?
Having gotten the travel bug, my world has new horizons. My list of countries to visit now includes Scotland, Norway, South Africa, Russia, Turkey, India, Peru and many more.
My eldest son’s goal is to visit 30 countries by age 30. If I can reach 20 by 70, it will be a great success.
I have learned that I can read all I want about countries in books, but visiting them in real time and experiencing their culture, their food and customs makes them so much more interesting.
I have yet to catch a musky or sturgeon and those two species are on my list as well. I have visited only nine of the provinces and Labrador-Newfoundland, the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavet are on my list of places to see in Canada.
In my woodworking shop, I have plans and projects to build this year and for several years to come.
Sixty is the symbol that time might be your highest hurdle. It is also a warning that you had better get back to the speed of youth and take on and learn new things.
I also know several other 50-somethings approaching this age and I had better start running, or I’ll be run over when they cross that 60 mark.

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